5 Tips to Always Be Well Dressed

Women who care about their appearance are always looking for tips to feel even more beautiful and tidy. And when we talk about being tidy, we have to remember that nothing lovely hair perfect emaquiagem if the laundry is bad, isn’t it? The fact is that many times we run out of ideas for the looks, so it’s good to have some options in your closet.
Check out some essential things to be always with impeccable production:
1. Basic bets the first tip for those who want to always be well dressed is having the right clothes in the closet. But how do you know which are the ideal? It’s very simple, basic and bet on the Jokers, those items that fall well always and never go out of fashion. Among them, make sure you have a good pair of jeans, a black pants, a white shirt, a black dress, two pumps (a nude and a black) and a basic blazer (black, white or Navy); Continue reading 5 Tips to Always Be Well Dressed

Different Colors of Clothes

No matter where you are: the long-awaited midnight on 31 December will always be loaded, anticipation and a lot of symbolism. Is jumping seven waves, using the panties-new-of-color-X or eating lentils crouched under the table with the plate facing the north direction, holding a black cat and giving three hops (will know to what extent the superstitions?), the turn of the new year is treated as the last hope of a perfect year. With the look of the new year’s Eve would be no different: in Brazil, the habit of wearing white represents light, peace, purity and goodness — and there go all the Brazilian in search of 100% white clothes for the occasion, even though the pieces are used that night and never more. Continue reading Different Colors of Clothes

Red Carpet 2014 Best Dressed

The best paet, better transparency, better time diva: check out the best choices that went through the red carpet in 2014

You want to recall the best red carpet looks of the year? Check out our list and tell what were your Favorites in the comments!

  1. The best TRANSPARENCY

Who said that to be sexy, a woman needs 1000 slits and necklines? Aboard a Valentino Couture dress, German actress Diane Kruger managed to achieve with mastery the balance between style, femininity and sensuality. MIDI-length and lace the maison ultradelicadas, the dress was loose, MIDI-length and revealed subtly slender body of the girl. Continue reading Red Carpet 2014 Best Dressed

Parts with animal prints to have in your closet

The animal prints are always in high and make the greatest success among women. When we talk about them, remember the most famous prints, such as Leopard, zebra and snake. So, these two designs can be used in various ways, in many kinds of different parts. Check out which models of clothes worth investing with animal print:
Shirt-shirts are very important parts in the female wardrobe. They can be used during the whole year, alone in warmer weather and accompanied by a mesh of knitting or a blazer on colder days. Worth betting on one or more models with print of Leopard, zebra or snake. Combining with a pair of jeans or leather pants you will always be well dressed; Continue reading Parts with animal prints to have in your closet

What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Still doesn’t know which clothes will say goodbye to 2014 and celebrate the arrival of 2015? One thing is certain, the new year’s Eve asks for a special look. Can be on the beach, in a fancy party or even at home, the truth is that it’s time to start thinking about what you’re wearing.

Learn the meaning of each color for new year’s Eve

White in the new year? It’s not mandatory!

To help you on this mission and inspire you, Isabella Fiorentino, model and host of fashion Squad program, gives hints of what looks combine with the new year. Continue reading What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Colorful Women’s Clothing

Not only black winter lives. Women circulate with multicolored pieces breaking the ice and the dress code of the season, in General that alternation of black, Navy and Brown. The Scottish influence that rocked last winter also does not scroll anymore. Of course a good chess always appears there and there, mainly in London. But it’s new year, soon: look again.

This time of year is somewhat difficult to capture precisely what they and they are using. But not all the blame game in the cold, so I dedicate part of my time photographing and observing people in indoor spaces. I’m going to the Museum to new hot spots of the city, always having a Starbucks – to look hurried legs in ordinary days without montação. Continue reading Colorful Women’s Clothing

How to Wear Strapless Clothes

Learn how to wear dresses and blouses that leave the shoulders on display

The strapless was once darling of women in 19 century, in the years 1930, in the years 1970, 1990 and, at the height of the summer of 2015, is one of the most desirable options among the women. Be romantic version (think of bulky sweaters, with lace, which resemble the peasant clothing in Hollywood) or in the modern version, in looks of tailoring, is the perfect styling trick to update your summer look – without heat!

Take off your dress, your blouses and their tops from the bottom of my closet and learn the 7 commandments (fashion) of strapless and work on their productions. Continue reading How to Wear Strapless Clothes

Zara Collection Spring And Summer 2015

Collection spring and Summer 2015 of Zara
Zara is one of the leading networks of fast-fashion in the world. The brand is a reference in quality clothing, modern design and the translation of the most important trends of each season. That’s why all the major bloggers and it girls everywhere always invest in brand parts to mount your looks. How Zara is also present here in Brazil, we check out the latest from the collection of spring and summer 2015:
Color chart and collection fabrics 2015
Although the Zara in parts based on investing major trends of the moment, she also maintains a more discreet and basic line. For the summer collection, the brand comes bringing many items in neutral tones, white and black, those with some color points, mainly in yellow. The fabrics are very soft and light, perfect to give more movement to the dresses and skirts. As the summer temperatures are very high it is ideal that the fabrics are so light and soft. Continue reading Zara Collection Spring And Summer 2015

Launch Of The Collection Cris Barros Mini Summer 2015

Cris Barros collection Mini Summer 2015
The designer Cris Barros, ten years in the fashion market, after conquering all your success with the female looks, now decided to spread their wings for a new flight. Christopher has just released the first collection of your children’s clothes directly to the summer 2015. Cris Barrom Mini comes with the same theme that the traditional brand collection, entitled “Saudade”. Check out:
The editorial for the launch of the collection was done with the stylist’s posing with the looks alongside their children, all in a very relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. The photos were divided into two locations, namely, in Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro, with clicks in Mirante do Leblon. Continue reading Launch Of The Collection Cris Barros Mini Summer 2015

The Best Pieces To Make The Waist Thinner

Each person has your body with a specific format, some more turned, some don’t. One of the things that draws the most attention and is also a focus of women in choosing the looks, is the waist. Many girls have the body more rectangular, straighter, no waist. To reverse this look you need to bet on certain looks, using the tips that can help you ensure a more defined silhouette. Check out:
• belts to fine-tune the waist
To get a more defined waist has no secret, it is basically betting on your markup and parts with volume in certain areas. The first tip is to invest in clothing that have markup option on the waist. We often use soltinhas parts that end up leaving the waist hidden, guaranteeing a straighter silhouette and without Forms. The trick is to put a cintinho there to do the markup that will ensure the look thinner. Continue reading The Best Pieces To Make The Waist Thinner