iPhone 6s: Camera With 12 MP At The Expense Of The Pixel Size?

The iPhone 6s to finally break through the 8-megapixel mark and 12 MP does not increase–but without a downer. The analyst Kevin Wang believes that the increased resolution will diminish the pixel size, which could have a negative impact on the quality of the photo.

The leading IHS analyst Wang confirmed Chinese Weibo network iPhone 6 s plus the current rumors of a megapixel upgrade for the iPhone 6 and his alleged offshoot. He sees is the logical continuation of the course, the Apple with the iPhone 6 and even its larger offshoot iPhone 6 plus has broken: follow the trend and thus the desire of consumers for more – first more display and more resolution, with the iPhone 6s then more mega pixels. The Android competition is finally long to that.

iPhone 6s Camera With 12 MP At The Expense Of The Pixel Size

The Downside Of Mega Pixels

Wang adds something to the camera rumors: he believes the higher resolution is bought by smaller single pixels. Typically, larger pixels especially in poorly exposed images mean better quality with less noise. That Apple will accept it only to the number of mega pixels will likely be however quite unlikely. This also means that the camera must – start again on this disadvantage elsewhere of the iPhone 6 s about a larger focal length or a better camera sensor.

Rumors of a higher camera resolution circulated in recent years before the release of each iPhone. True they never were iPhone 4S by 2011 in the last three generations, so the iPhone 6 is still same resolution like that. The way, same goes for the memory – and again the rumors are similar: the iPhone 6s with 2 GB RAM come therefore.

Larger Front-Facing Camera, And More Shows iPhone 6 S: Gel File Front Fascia

Components are once again the iPhone 6s gel Act: 9to5Mac has reportedly reached in the possession of the components show a bigger front-facing camera, as well as force-touch hardware. To illustrate, the portal together with the YouTuber EverythingApplesPro has created a video that compares the upcoming Smartphone to the still current top model iPhone 6.

As it seems, we have the iPhone 6 s a bigger FaceTime camera. So, the gel file front section of device expected for September has a larger recess for the lens compared to the predecessor. Also a larger sensor point to himself, more promising more mega pixels.

On September 9, We Have Certainty

That fits with a previous leak of the iPhone 6 s camera together, whereby the camera module on the front now dominate panoramic images and can record videos in 720 p either with slow motion function. In addition, components to be in the current leak to see, which internally called “Orb” – are needed for the use of force touch .

Components of the iPhone 6s are apparently more frequently smuggled from Apple’s manufacturing equipment: indicate approximately a 16-GB model and a new NFC chip, indicate a more compact inner workings, or allow even the demonstration of a boot time. Meanwhile also the date for the keynote is fixed definitively: Apple the iPhone 6 s introduces on September 9. How you best via live stream, get here explained.

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