Xperia Z & Co: Sony’s Depth of Field App is Good

Sony follows the trend to the depth of field and joins Samsung, HTC and Google. CURVED has become the “background defocus” app for the Xperia models looked at and compared with the other solutions.

After the installation of background defocus the app in the camera app to select recording programs available you. You must set before recording by tapping, which object will be in the focus. After recording – while you should hold the Smartphone which, since the camera takes multiple images with different focus – you determines using a slider in the form of half-circle how strongly fails the blur to the background. In addition it sets whether the focus of the Middle runs outward from top to bottom or from right to left.

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Ouch, I Have the Cell Phone Disease!

Mobile-Diseases are Stupid and Can Hurt A Lot

When did you have your mobile phone the last time in the hand? Or are you maybe just in my hand? Then be on your guard against mobile neck, WhatsAppitis and iPhone shoulder or another mobile disease, because who isn’t paying attention, and no longer can put its smartphone from the hand, risking serious diseases. So a mobile disease sounds while first, but quite pain and in the long run affect the health can also a mobile disease.

Recently, a Spanish doctor with a patient observed the cell disease “WhatsAppitis” – the woman had visited them after Christmas with a painful inflammation of the tendon on both thumbs in the clinic. The reason for the mobile “WhatsAppitis” disease: The patient had replaced too many messages during the holidays with friends and family via WhatsApp and now the thumb did hurt her. There is but yet another mobile diseases that you can get by excessive mobile consumption, for example the mobile mobile neck disease: is the mobile neck in recent years increasingly, in the car, in the Café, on the bus, in the Park, actually, we can see it everywhere – thanks to the spread of flat rates. The mobile neck is quite unhealthy and stupid look he does also. You can tell him the typical attitude with head bowed, bent shoulders and curved back – a classic posture damage just. And the people with mobile neck are not accessible usually also. In the worst case, the mobile neck leads to muscle stiffness in the neck, to so-called Myogelosis. Also mobile iPhone shoulder to catch easily this is unpleasant, that you look at his cellphone to the videos too long with outstretched arm is keeps and this is the shoulder twisted. Can this happen? Yes, and as it seems, really is this mobile disease on the rise.

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Ubuntu is Pressing Forward with Its Own Smartphone on the Market

The Android operating system dominates the Smartphone market with a market share of 80 percent, Apple comes with a market share of 15 per cent on the second place, the largest proportion of the few missing percentages on Windows phone. But soon, the situation could change: in addition to Firefox, also Ubuntu with an own Smartphone on the market is pushing.

The developers of Ubuntu, the open operating system, have found a manufacturer for a Smartphone, therefore the company can then also soon involved in the competitive smartphone market. This is dominated mainly by the Korean company Samsung and the Android operating system. A Smartphone of Ubuntu on the market will come in the next year, so Mark Shuttleworth, founder of the developer company canonical at LeWeb in Paris Internet Conference.

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HDTV and HDMI Difference

What is HDTV?

HDTV is the acronym in English of High-Definition Television, which in Portuguese means “high definition“.  Check for other meanings of HDTV. Consists of a digital data transmission system of television, with a resolution superior to traditional formats.

For HDTV signal reception, the television sets must be equipped with the DTV (digital television), technology that began to be deployed initially in the United States during the Decade of 1990. Currently, all televisions produced already have DTV coupled device that allows playback on HDTV signal.

Images cleaner and without the classics “sprinkles” in images are some of the advantages of HDTV signal. The TV’s with this technology can achieve minimum 720 lines progressive resolutions (1280x720p).

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The iPhone 6 with Curved Display Comes Out?

New Information about the iPhone 6

Apple fans: there are some new details that are now leaked to the iPhone 6. So, the new Apple phone with curved display on the market, for example could come and have a flatter body. Learn more on the new iPhone 6 here:

How does the iPhone 6 probably looks? And what is it for a processor? Is the display be finally a number bigger? These questions are currently the Apple fans worldwide. Patience must be not more so long until the new iPhone 6 on the market, because the release date of the new Apple phone is scheduled for mid-September. Fact is: the iPhone 6 could look different but as previously thought: Apple is probably where the antennas sit along the upper edges of the back and the metal frame, glass instead of plastic so far use – this report the Japanese Nikkei Business Portal. It could also be that the new Apple Phone has a die cut Apple logo on the back, which lights up during operation of the mobile phone. And it is also quite possible that the glass surface of the display of the iPhone 6 is arched. Supposedly because display of the iPhone 6 also seamlessly fits into the aluminum casing be.

New iPhone Probably Comes in Two Versions on the Market

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Instagram Explore Shows You More Photos of Your Friends

The explore page has received a major update from Instagram: the selection of images that there can be found in the future that is tailored to you, TechCrunch reported. It shows now including those which have been made or provided with likes your Instagram contacts.

So far, the explore page had shown only photos that have received global many likes in a short time. If you wanted to know what the general public liked that was a good thing – for your personal taste the typical star Selfies or landscape shots were but perhaps rather uninteresting. This is now changing by a highlighting of images that could directly affect you and fell.

Thematically it can make off therefore, depending your own interests better who follows your. “We continuously updates, so that such posts are displayed you, tailored to your interests”, said an Instagram spokesperson told TechCrunch.

Mainly amateur photographers have the opportunity that their images are seen by a digital local audience – friends of friends are the new propagation mechanism on the side. Instagram explore became a lot more interesting in any case.

Trend 2016: Against the Cold Metal

More metal, more Gold and silver in the clothing, footwear and Accessories: is what’s next for autumn and winter 2014-2015. The trend that began to hit strong last season becomes, nearly, an obligation for the cold coming in the northern hemisphere.

Gold for the day, silver for the night are the recommendations for the season. And the copper for any occasion.

Large firms such as Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra are played by the brightness in their proposals. However, the Paris House Lanvin raises the main title of this trend. Your clothes, in Blue, rose, Green, are all distinctive and lively reflection of metals.

Perhaps what’s most striking are the shoes designed by Lanvin: his style ranges from classic to alternative, and metallic bronze, black shades, colours blue and Fuchsia trap looks immediately. And they demand a careful selection of dresses.

The firm Primark, meanwhile, seeks to give effect mirror or reflective designs, through fully metallic jackets or dresses with metallic jacquard straight cut.

Their Sandals and loafers used both reflective metallic silver as the Golden, for higher brightness of the feet.

Away from the catwalks, but on the red carpet, Keira Knightley – one of the actresses that make trend – is one of the more metallic heel defenders enthusiasts. Knightley was consecrated a few models mary jane silver of 12 cm, signed by Prada. In some meetings he appeared with other Golden and silvery, with slight variations of style but always sparkling.

The good thing about this trend is that he fits the taste of each one. The most daring can dare to wear shoes or other fully-metallic accessories, those that leave no one indifferent. The most classic will know just a touch of gold or silver bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses, shoes, handbag or even a small purse.

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Clothing Accessories for Men: 2015-2016

As in every season, men have had their chance to catch up on the trends that will be next season thanks to the fashion weeks. On this occasion, Paris, Milan, London and New York showed the best they have and here’s a summary of trends in men’s accessories for fall and winter 2015-2016 season.


No doubt that glasses help complete a look with exceptional ease. A lot of designers participating in fashion weeks around the world, chose flashy glasses to give a touch of elegance to your looks on the catwalk. Various styles were, although the main can be reduced to two: a metamorphosis of style wayfarer and other goggle aviators .

The style wayfarer has been one of the most recurrent on catwalks in various formats and color models. The aviator style is the one that was more changes: from the shape and color of the lens to the frame.

Both structures counted with different combinations of material and thickness of the frame.

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Four Useful Photo Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Mini shoot good photos with the Samsung Galaxy S5: the small version of the ago flagship model from Samsung in the first half of the year 2014 is not the most powerful camera – but also with the resolution of 8 MP you can achieve excellent results. Especially the many setting possibilities of the camera app will help you that the images look more professional. Here, you can find out how you can get mini more out of the camera of the Galaxy S5.

Four Useful Photo Tips For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini

Close Approaches To The Subject

For a good photo you should approach mini always as close as possible with the Galaxy S5 the motif. Zooming usually causes that the recording is grainy in the end. Even if it’s sometimes annoying at the moment of photography – the closer you approach and tried it the more angle, the result is better at the end.

Dictionary reference: digopaul

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HTC One Mini 2: 6 Tips For Great Photos HDR

Stunning photos with the HTC one mini 2 (see htc meanings): the main camera of HTC smartphones offers you the resolution of 13 MP. This is not a peak, but a decent average. With a few settings and tips that you should consider when taking pictures, your recordings look even more professional. Here you can find out what your shooting with the HTC one, mini 2 should note.

Pay Attention To Good Exposure

The camera app on the HTC one mini 2 automatically selects the exposure. By tapping on the preview image in the display, you can affect this setting. For example, tap a region that appears too dark in the preview, to brighten up this part of the image. Therefore you should take into account, that also the focus is changed by the selection of an object.

HTC One Mini 2 6 Tips For Great Photos

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