The Risks Of Not Using Bra

The bra has its function but also a garment lingerie that protects us from starring in sultry moments like the vivid by the following famous.

If the transparent bra has little of glamorous, a top, a dress or a shirt to delate the absence of it is worse. With the arrival of good weather, there are celebrities that aware that your bust does not need fixing, they dare to get rid of the bra.

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Lingerie To Surprise Him On Valentine’s Day

Approaching the Valentine’s day, and all those who are single want this day to be something special. If you are preparing it all, you must not forget even the smallest detail, so today I will give some ideas of lingerie for Valentine’s day. You can surprise your partner, and this will be the finishing touch to a perfect day.

The red color is the perfect choice for this day, and you have many shades in linen. Besides, there are lots of different designs that are very feminine, as the bodies, with lace details and transparencies. It is something special that should be noted for an unforgettable day. And Red is certainly the tone of the pasi n, so it is our first choice, and also our favorite.

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Three Lingerie Models To Leave It With Your Mouth Open

With the arrival of spring all believe in making a radical change in our closet. From coats to jackets, shirts to trousers to skirts, blouses… But surely that it has also passed you by head update your most intimate wardrobe. Therefore, we we present three models spectacular following trends in lingerie from so put you fantastic both inside and out.

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What’s Happening in Victoria’s Secret?

In just a week, two of Victories Secret’s Angels have hung their wings: it’s Karlie Kloss and Doutzen Kroes. If a few days ago we told you about a photo shoot that Doutzen Kroes starring on the beach, we now know that the Dutch top 30 years abandoned underwear firm. And that the model was one of the older ones active within the brand, from its entrance nearly a decade ago. The recent popularity of another top, Karlie Kloss, has done hanging their wings to dedicate his career to other firms. In addition, his friendship with Taylor Swift is known worldwide and are many brands that raffle it as image.

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Seamless Sleep Nursing Bra

Seamless breastfeeding bra, Carriwell

Sweet and nice seamless drop cup bra designed with wide strap frame that open at the chest and adjusted in size. It is an elegant frame-bra there is shape knitted, so it sits close to the chest and supports well without the use of braces. Breastfeed-Bra can be opened in the back piece and is extended with the included bra extenders from Bestaah.

The opening to the chest goes on easy and straight forward without the opposite breast is losing support.

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Most Collectible Costume Jewelry

Bijoux for Spring Summer 2016, here are the jewels not to be missed to be trendy and perfect for every occasion. Big, small, colored, silver, flashy or discrete, they can be very different from each other but it is still details that no girl wants to give up! The bijoux complete the outfit and enriched with details that give character and uniqueness: a strapless necklace can sometimes be incomplete and quite a few outstanding value to your face.

Like every season, this year on the Internetages for Spring Summer 2016 we could see the proposals of the greatest designers in the international arena. The jewelry is always different and special, tied to a theme and be able to marry perfectly with the current season. Should never be chosen at random, but always in combination with the dress (the color and the type of fabric), and the occasion on which we want to participate: party, work or school. For a party or a night out we can point to quite flashy accessories, while the school’s best to stay on a simple pendant. Among the most interesting innovations for spring summer 2016 are the jewelery offered by Chanel: shimmering whistles that serve as pendants and maxi pearls protagonists of many necklaces. Agau however, offers jewelry from vintage style and retro: earrings and necklaces with strong colors like red and blue, and with leather inserts. the spring necklaces and full of joy are those of Marco Bicego, studded with small colored stones on thin gold chains.

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Elegant Evening Wedding Dresses

Be invited to the celebration of a wedding, well because you are the bride and groom, a family member, friend or for some other reason. No matter the reason why you’re invited, the important thing is that it is very beautiful and with a dress that is at the height of the celebration. Then for I’ll show you you some stylish dresses for evening weddings, which are models that are fashionable xxl.

Keep in mind that dresses for night weddings are not equal that for a party or any other type of celebration. For a wedding night, you have to go with an elegant style and full of sensuality, but without too much fanfare.

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Lingerie To Seduce: Morbid Clothing For Them

We recommend choosing clothes to seduce to increase your bodily attributes and they stand out your breasts, or the back of the body using short fabric.

If you’re a romantic hopelesswe recommend the colors pastels combined with ‘details’ such as wholesale ties or laces. Fabrics like silk will make you look like a good girl, and if you are very bold, hard brains, it is best bet on black clothing with openings in the back and breasts, surely your man will die of pleasure just look you.

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Elegant Short Dresses for Party

Now I’ll show you some models of elegant short dresses for parties, which are dresses that are part of the latest fashion trends and are exclusive designs of the more recognized and prestigious fashion houses, so for me it is a great honour to be able to show you this wide range of elegant short dresses.

I’m sure that for you it is also a full and pleasant honor to have the possibility of enjoying a wide variety of models of short dresses that now I show them you especially for you, of which you can have best clear ideas so you can choose the short dress fashion so you want to make you feel all that sensuality and elegance.

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Smarty Ring – the Smartwatch for the Finger

Rings are not only beautiful pieces of jewellery or a symbol for marriage, for power or of belonging to a group, soon can be so that Smartphones also use – the Smarty ring, the Smartwatch for finger, comes on the market.

Soon you can use actually your finger your Smartphone with one, because the Smarty ring comes out. With the Smarty ring, which is a kind of mini Smartwatch for the finger, a small LED on the ring can remotely via your mobile phone you. Indicates the Smarty ring on incoming calls and SMS messages. The Smarty ring makes the contact with your Smartphone via Bluetooth – then, the ring displays on his LED that messages, calls and updates are received. With an enhanced version of the Smarty ring you can access even remotely on the music player and the camera of smartphones.

The Smartywatch works both with the Android operating system and Apple’s iOS operating system. Is a small miracle that the Smarty ring at all on the market has managed to, because in fact, funding for the project was Crowdfunding platform long in question. The developers wanted to collect$ 40,000 to finance the small helpers for the finger. Meanwhile, the campaign is over and the Smarty ring financed. And better than expected: Gathered over 300,000 U.S. dollars for the project. Depending on the model, the Smarty ring between 70 and 275 US dollar costs. According to the Web site, which sells the rings, first 2,000 rings are available – it is already over half sold. Be delivered should the Smarty rings already in April 2014.