Dolls for Kid Buying Guide

What could be more wonderful for children, but not only, of soft and colorful dolls and puppets? For smaller allow to shape a world of dreams in which to play, fantasize, while the girls remained a little children, to have a little piece of childhood and tenderness to take along.

What kind of dolls and puppets buy obviously depends on many circumstances. Cloth puppets, dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, or even porcelain dolls? That is only for decorative purposes or purchases that are of real toys, there is a perfect doll for every occasion and need.

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Facebook Reaches 900 Million Users

The Facebook revealed on Monday the most significant data on the social network, in a document sent to supplement the request for the stock opening in the stock market. According to the file, the social network has reached more than 900 million registered users. Of that total more than 526 million of them are part of the slice that is all day tapping point in the social network, whether on the web or in mobile applications. Continue reading Facebook Reaches 900 Million Users

The Right Outdoor Gear

Already successful geocachers or do you want to plunge for the first time in the adventure? You will find all information about geocaching you need.Whether manuals for beginners, the first or a new GPS device, the appropriate footwear or perhaps ropes and outdoor flashlights , with us you will certainly find.

Geocaching is more than just a hobby that at least maintain inveterate cacher.Let yourself but not deterred, geocaching offers varied scavenger hunts for young and old, for professional and beginner.

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YouTube Expands Monetization Program Videos for Anyone

You do not need to see the cover of a popular Brazilian magazine Technology (hehe) to know that there are already hundreds of Brazilians making money with YouTube. But until now the video site Google chose which people invite to include in the category of farmers that receive a portion of the ads shown. Now anyone can enroll in the program and go on to win a few bucks with your clips. Continue reading YouTube Expands Monetization Program Videos for Anyone

Pregnancy, How to Pamper Your Child Since Baby Bump

Pregnancy, how to pamper your child since baby bump, since is just a fetus in the womb can perceive sounds, smells and even moods. Never forget that the baby always needs to hear all the affection of his mother!

A recent survey of Durham University has established that already in the womb the child tries cuddling and physical contact and it is important, during pregnancy, make him feel loved. That’s why it only takes small gestures to make him happy, as a stroll outdoors, surrounded by nature. In this way, Mum and children breathe clean air and, one step after another, the small will be swung in baby bump.  Continue reading Pregnancy, How to Pamper Your Child Since Baby Bump

30% of Internet Traffic is Generated by Porn Content

You can not deny that the sites with pornographic content are successful and generate enough money. DoubleClick Ad Planner data collected recently reveal that Xvideos is the largest, with 4.4 billion pages served per month – very close to the number of Amazon, which currently has 5.9 billion page views. With the data, it can be said that adult sites account for almost one third of all internet traffic.

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Saffi Karina Plus Size

In a world full of “skeletons” the London model Saffi Karina teaches how to reconcile the modeling profession with respect for their own bodies.
Every so often, a positive message pierces this layer that surrounds this company, let’s call it false respectability and hypocrisy, because everyone is able to say “eat, not to spoil you, you’re so beautiful ” but just considered a “chubby” exhibits some roll wearing leggings , part of the controversy “Oh but it is FAT !!”.

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Cromaz, the Social Network That Helps you Find Cool Neighbors

We live in a time when the phrase “another day, another social network is created ‘became something incredibly true. You can barely wake up and go out to buy bread on the corner without a social network from the ground sprout in the middle of nowhere, and your friends start to send invitations to you to sign.

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