Ian Stuart Wedding Dresses

The new collection of Ian Stuart really gives a lot of emotions and if you gave an eye to the images in the photo gallery there will have already recognized this. It is a riot of shapes and even colors, because he wants to pay homage to a classic style with modern touches. The 2011 Ian Stuart is inspired by the Myth of Marie Antoinette, which in this case is very reminiscent of the woman painted by pop and transgressive Sofia Coppola in 2006 in the famous movie. So lace, but also touches of transgression as the use of black. Do not choose to dose it, but venture a total black, very suitable to the French court.

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Motorola: These Phones Will Get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

12 of Motorola’s smartphones will get an upgrade to Google’s new Android Marshmallow.

Google’s latest software for smartphones, Android 6.0 Marshmallow, debuts this week on the Google Nexus Android phones. Motorola may, however, prove soon to follow suit.

Motorola, which among other things is behind Google’s Nexus 6, has proven to be among the quickest to prepare updates to their Moto phones-partly because these leans very close up of Google’s design requirements. Continue reading Motorola: These Phones Will Get Android 6.0 Marshmallow

AHD Bullet Surveillance Camera

This surveillance camera HD compact infrared AHD is equipped with a 1/4 “Omnivision sensor and IR CUT filter,  this allows capturing images with more realistic colors possible. The IR Cut will pass visible light, while blocking infrared light IR (absorviéndola or reflecting). it  has an image resolution of 720p / 1280 TV lines.
Its fixed 3.6mm lens offers a field of view of 75 ° and allows you to get sharp images even in low light conditions. The support 3-Axis is included and features easy installation on ceiling or wall.
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Alta Moda Roma Fausto Sarli

In these days of haute couture in Rome, even the fashion designer Fausto Sarli wanted to tell her about the Haute Couture women’s wardrobe for the next autumn-winter 2011/2012. A very rich program of presentations that which has been proposed by AltaRoma, being just taking place these days in the Italian capital. Obviously there is an important name in Italian fashion as Fausto Sarli. A very special fashion show that was staged in the Piazza del Campidoglio in memory of the founder who died last December aged 86. Continue reading Alta Moda Roma Fausto Sarli

Laura Biagiotti Milano

At Milan fashion week catwalk took place late in the morning one of the Queens of the made in Italy, Laura Biagiotti who presented her new collection for autumn winter 2011 2012. The Roman Designer, always known for the use of cashmere in his creations, brought on stage during the event most anticipated of the year fashion, a decidedly patriotic collection from the chosen colors: white, colour is a symbol of the fashion house, was matched the Red “Garibaldi” and the gray sky, black and gold on special occasions. At center stage, as always, the knitwear.

National pride, claimed by this great Lady of fashion, took the form of lightweight cashmere dresses on the runway (that weigh even less than 100 grams) of colored fur , wool poncho “Anita”, draped tunics , jackets similar to printed scarves and dresses , worn over high-heeled boots. Continue reading Laura Biagiotti Milano

Vintage Icon Clara Racz Giving Style Advice

60s – what was frowned upon as “dingy”, enjoys increasing popularity. It is not so easy to find the correct part and this then skillfully to combine. Flair has contracted professional help and met with the ravishing Clara Racz interview – the style model in terms of Second-Hand styles…

Off old make new- Sustainability in the fast-moving fashion industry increasingly gaining importance. Vintage buy to not only a great method is the consumption and throwaway garments, made of mostly high-quality materials and of high manufacturing quality slow, an individual style also provide their wearers.

All this know also the model to estimate Clara Rácz. The choice Milan is known worldwide for their unique vintage styles and was now photographed by numerous computing photographer. In flair , she gives tips how you styled vintage fashion right and what matters at the time of purchase… Continue reading Vintage Icon Clara Racz Giving Style Advice

Overview: iPhone 6S for Testing, Google Launches Streak of New Topprodukter

Here you can get a quick and simple overview of the biggest stories from the week that was.

Apple’s replacement for the iPhone 6 is approaching the Danish telecommunications shelves, and the queues gradually begins to take shape already at the presale of Apple’s latest smartphone: iPhone 6S.Our site has tested Apple’s new darling, and examines whether or not it is worth the money.

Apple iPhone 6S-the future-proof iPhone [TEST]
Review: Apple refines and refines true to their iPhone with the S version. But it offers enough new? The answer is Yes. Continue reading Overview: iPhone 6S for Testing, Google Launches Streak of New Topprodukter

UMI Iron Pro: the Smartphone That Combines All Available Security Systems

Not only an affordable price, with the Iron Pro UMi highlights security. The Chinese manufacturer has indeed decided to implement the new Iron Pro unlocking your device using fingerprints, ID Eyeprint and Voice Unlock.

Now almost all high end smartphone and beyond include the fingerprint authentication system to enable users to unlock their devices safely. However, in most cases you must first unlock the display with a key or with a touch and then use the fingerprint reader. The fingerprint of UMi Iron Pro allows users to unlock the device even when the display is off, so you can quickly get to any content. The sensor can also be used to block applications that contain sensitive information. Continue reading UMI Iron Pro: the Smartphone That Combines All Available Security Systems

Gattinoni Alta Moda Roma

The fashion brand Gattinoni stage leads to AltaRoma AltaModa his beautiful Haute Couture collection for next autumn-winter 2011/2012. These days, in fact, is staged in the Italian capital, the event that we hear the most beautiful collections of High Fashion famous fashion brands: the Italian fashion brand Gattinoni paraded yesterday evening, although in reality the calendar of the event fashion kicks off precisely in the day today. In the coming days we will see collections dream of parading this very prestigious catwalk. Continue reading Gattinoni Alta Moda Roma

Blumarine Autumn/Winter

For the catwalks of Milan fashion designer Anna Molinari Blumarine ‘s new collection on the catwalk door designed for the fall-winter 2011-2012 , creating a veritable explosion of colour that through total look carefully designed door verve and style in the wardrobe and in apparel for the day and those designed for the evening, creating eye-catching look and definitely of great impact. A vitamin soul collection that promises to bring joy and warmth on cold winter days.

Anna Molinari Blumarine with opens her catwalk with simple and refined women in sand-colored coats and suits all with unfailing black boots and accessories bicolor declined in these two shades. Continue reading Blumarine Autumn/Winter