Android L Keeps One-Third Longer Battery

Google told himself that Android L will give a better battery life, and now, Ars Technica tested exactly the.

It is not small items, Google has done this through the use of the battery in Android L if Ars Technicas test holds water. The site’s testing has shown that Android L 36 percent longer than Android kept 4.4.4 KitKat did.

The test was to let the screen be lit permanently and then load a Web page every 15 minutes. second of Wfi. This was first done with Android 4.4.4 and then was Android L flashet over at the same Nexus 5, so it was exactly the same battery, and so was the procedure repeated. Continue reading Android L Keeps One-Third Longer Battery

LG first with Android Wear in Denmark

Google’s brand new operating system for smart watches soon lands in Denmark, in the form of LG G Watch.

LG presents today G Watch, the first smart watch with built-in Android Wear. Google’s newly announced Android Wear is a dedicated operating system which links Google’s services such as the voice-enabled Google Now for LG G Watch.

Together with your Android phone (at least Android 4.3) you can now receive notifications, send SMS, control the media player and much more, without the need to have your phone up the Pocket. Android Wear is simultaneously an ecosystem where’s dedicated apps can be run directly from the arm. Continue reading LG first with Android Wear in Denmark

HOTSPOT Week 26: Our Site Move, LG G3, OnePlus One and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom [Web]

HotSpot Week 26: Our site move, LG G3, OnePlus One and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Our site look at what is happening this week in mobile and gadget-land.
We have moved to greener surroundings and our site inaugurates the new Office, with a HOTSPOT in the green.

Great wonders from LG and OnePlus

Our site discusses the pros and cons of the new large mobiles LG G3 and OnePlus One. Mikkel is not in doubt: OnePlus One is the best, if you can get your hands on it.

Please also read our site review of LG G3 and OnePlus One.

Samsung’s zoom mobile and Kazams support-mobile

We take a sneak peek at two phones, each with its own twist. Samsung Galaxy K zoom, as the name suggests, zoom in on your subject and take pictures in 20 megapixels. But it is also usable as a smartphone?


OnePlus One-How to Play Lower Flag Ships [Test]

The ambitions have not gotten too little with OnePlus, but they have something to have it in with OnePlus One

They have been extremely successful when it comes to building a mood up on their first phone with small bread crumbs and clues, but now can not therefore hide more OnePlus. It is time to test the OnePlus One.

Much can be said about the new, the Chinese company, but all the buildup and hype, as the company has created, worked brilliantly. When the phone arrived at the Office, it was a bit of an attraction. Continue reading OnePlus One-How to Play Lower Flag Ships [Test]

Here Are the 5 Most Important News of Google’s New Android

The world’s most widely used operating system gets an update. The name is still unknown, but here you can see what it can.

Google launched, in keeping with tradition, the successor to the current Android version, known as 4.4 KitKat. The surname KitKat is the eighth letter in the range of goodies which debuted with the Android Cupcake in 2008.

But in contrast to previous prefer Google exclusively to release the update in the autumn after an open beta period. What Android L will be called we find first out of there, but we’re rooting for Lollipop. Continue reading Here Are the 5 Most Important News of Google’s New Android

More Car Brands Makes Ready for Apple’s CarPlay-See Which Ones Here

Now supports a further nine automakers up about CarPlay technology that brings Apple universe to the car.

Apple’s entry on autobrancen, we were presented with in March with CarPlay, which gives drivers the opportunity to connect their iPhone to wired, and thus serve several functions through the car’s info center or hands-free via Siri.

We have already revealed a part of the cooperation partners, and now has 8 new ready to form the suit. It writes Apple Insider. Bilmærkerne which has just added is Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mazda, and Ram. Continue reading More Car Brands Makes Ready for Apple’s CarPlay-See Which Ones Here

Slingshot from Facebook-Now Ready for World-Wide

A week after American exclusivity is Facebook now ready to let the whole world try “Slingshot” app.

Last week, we here at our site could tell that Facebook ready with Slingshot-again reserved for the Americans. Mark Zuckerberg & co. is ready to fight the epidemic with a Snap chat-sharing strategy, we have not seen before.

However, the party initially was only reserved for the Americans, but now is “Slingshot” app ready globally, and therefore no excuse not to test themselves with Facebook’s latest contrivance. It writes our site.

Well by “Slingshot” is that when you send a picture or video to a friend, then he or she must send something return before they can view your content. Whether users take against Facebook’s new initiative with open arms, time will tell.

Do you have the courage to try a different kind of social experience, so can Slingshot free download to iPhone here and for Android here. The app also does not require a Facebook account.


Here Is a Super Looking for Your Android [Tip]

If you want to search from your Android mobile wherever you are in the system, so this search engine can follow your movements.

When you visit the Apple devices to search content takes place exclusively via the built-in Spotlight function. In the unlimited universe of Android, it is quite different to when we can install add-ons completely of your desire and needs.

Most user probably Google’s built-in search function via the press and hold the home button, or perhaps by the addition of a dedicated widget. The search function here requires, however, that you leave the current app you are in. Continue reading Here Is a Super Looking for Your Android [Tip]

Latest iPhone Rumors-6 Launch Date and More Space

Last swing from the rumor mill tells us launch in mid-september, as well as new policy in relation to space on the cell phone.

We have recently learned that the great iPhone 6 is not delayed anyway. Now it is reported there also rumours that Apple will scrap the 16 GB model and therefore only launch the iPhone with 32 GB and 64 GB 6 memory. It writes MacRumors.

In addition, it is reported that Apple will give customers of the 5.5 “iPhone 6 a real” phablet “experience, and exclusive offer a 128 GB variant of the mobile. The trend follows the Apple a little in advance, as it currently only has the iPad as is available in 128 GB. Continue reading Latest iPhone Rumors-6 Launch Date and More Space

KAZAM Thunder2 4, 5 l-Standard Phone with Built-in First Aid [Test]

Isolation Thunder2 4 KAZAM, 5 l is not a special phone, but the company behind is clear, if you get into trouble.

KAZAM is not yet so well known in Denmark, but they are aiming for a segment, there may be a potential of, for those who don’t want to pay the Earth for a phone. There can be thousands of reasons why one doesn’t bother throwing several thousand dollars for a smartphone, and the customers are in search of KAZAM.

It can also be felt on KAZAM Thunder2 4, 5 l, which is the sequel to KAZAM Thunder Q4, 5. It is not specifications get Samsung, HTC, Apple and Sony to tumble in the pants, but it should be enough to get through everyday chores for the average smartphone user, so don’t need a giant warehouse or the wild multitasking. Continue reading KAZAM Thunder2 4, 5 l-Standard Phone with Built-in First Aid [Test]