Sony Xperia Z3-First Pictures Leaked

Sony has told, that they will be launching a new flagship approximately every six months, and that is why the rumors about next version already in progress.

Japanese Sony thinks it’s best for them to send out a new flagship every six years, and it means that there is not as long as again before the next bet comes. It is expected to be Sony Xperia Z3, which will continue Sony’s flagship series.

The current rumors going on that Sony Xperia Z3 will have a 2, 5 GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, 3 GB RAM and a Full HD screen. It writes our site.

Sony Xperia Z3 is reportedly also been caught on camera including. The image’s authenticity has not yet been confirmed, but there was supposed to be talking about Xperia Z3 to Z3 Compact to the right left and Xperia.

This is a true picture, it will be the first time a Xperia Z-phone from the main line has had an all white home apart from the screen.


How to Choose a Good Flashlight

A flashlight is popular for its different qualities. Convenient, portable, easy to handle, although illuminating, better than the plug in any case it is very useful if you come home late and that the path must be informed if the power is off, if you want to read at night without disturbing everyone, while hiking …

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Overview: High Chromecast Update, Sony Xperia Z3-New and Tough American Mobile Ban

Here you can get a quick and easy overview of some of the biggest stories from the past week.

Chromecast gets big update

Google promised major improvements to Chromecast during this year’s i/o keynote. Among other things, it will in future be possible to stream all content from your phone, including games, apps or movies and music to the living room altar.

Just 3 weeks later is the promised update slowly by consuming Play Storen and they first supported devices. You can read more about what devices are supported here: Continue reading Overview: High Chromecast Update, Sony Xperia Z3-New and Tough American Mobile Ban

OnePlus Promises Short Waiting Time on Android (L)

Chinese OnePlus has promised that it will go quickly to update to Android (L).

Cyanogen is known for its many options to fine-tune the Android experience, but also for rapid updates, and therefore it is no great surprise that OnePlus now has promised that OnePlus One will get Android L no later than 3 months after Google has released the final version.

OnePlus One running CyanogenMod and the team just behind has previously told that they will not begin the real work on the operating system on the basis of the version of Android (L), which is out now, since there can continue to get big changes.

HTC has previously said that they, too, will have an update for Android (L) ready for their flagship series within 90 days of the release, and thus there is laid up for a little race between the two companies.

Fenix SD10 Diving Flashlight


The flashlight Fenix SD10 is the first flashlight  diving manufactured by Fenix.

Many of these qualities, an exemplary finish, a warm enough lighting to avoid flash effects of water, a range of  300 meters  at an angle of  60 °which should allow good penetration in turbid medium, a “system  motion control” allowing A change of mode by simple lateral movement of the lamp and a locking function.

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Samsung Updates Its Own App Store and Will out of Google Play Shade

Samsung points out that there are hundreds of exclusive apps available in their own app store which is now called Samsung Galaxy Apps.

Samsung has updated their App Store with a new design and a new name, Samsung Galaxy Apps. They are trying to put greater focus on exclusive content with discounts and various promotional offers.

Samsung’s app store is available from all Galaxy smartphones and tablets. According to them even count this 130 million users, though many may not have given it a thought since Google Play probably meets the need for most. Continue reading Samsung Updates Its Own App Store and Will out of Google Play Shade

Third Beta of iOS 8 Ready

Developers can now get your hands on iOS 8s third beta release, which brings minor changes and improvements with it.

A new version of iOS 8 beta is available today for developers who can get your hands on the latest software from Apple. The new version is most solutions to bugs, but there are also a few new additions to iOS.

In the third beta version is, among other things, a new version of both Find My Friends and Find My Phone, like iCloud Drive also plays a major role.

In addition, there are some little things in, among other things, fixed third-party keyboards, there is a new background setting and the weather looks different.

The update is available OVER the AIR or via iOSs development center.

Use Google Wear Unit as Camera Trigger

Now you can take even better pictures, use a group and selfies smartwatch as camera trigger and display the result directly on the watch.

If you are the type who likes to put the phone up from a distance and take pictures of yourself and/or others, then you will probably welcome the upcoming update to Google’s camera application.

In the near future, the updated camera app for letting an associated Android Wear device act as camera trigger which must therefore not be used to set the time on a timer and keep a straight face until there will be taken a picture.

On your smartwatch will you could tap to take a picture, a short countdown begins and as soon as the picture is taken, it will display the image directly on the clock. Unfortunately you can not see the viewfinder on the clock in your phone, it must be made up and set first, on the other hand, you can take a picture immediately after if you are not satisfied with the outcome-without having to phone again.

Taylor Swift Selfie without Makeup

The supermodel placed on Instagram a photo of herself completely natural. The star of America’s Next Top Model has also posted a picture of her perfectly made up: “I have always, but I can not do to less than make-up”

The American actress and supermodel Tyra Banks a few days ago he posted on Instagram a photo that should give pause to the perception we have of ourselves and of the stars we see on TV or in the newspapers: the top appears in fact without a wire trick. The day after the supermodel posted a new release, this time wearing a conspicuous layer of make-up. Someone has criticized for that decision, accusing her of having undermined the important message launched the first selfie.

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Samsung Factory Robbed for 35 Million Dollars

Tablets and phones for 6.5 million u.s. dollars stolen by an unusually brazen robbery in Brazil.

A twenty man strong group attack yesterday a factory in the Brazilian city of one million inhabitants Campinas. The heavily armed men ran with Samsung-thefts for a total of 6.5 million, or approximately $ 35 million dollars.

The actual robbery took place before the eyes of the 50 employees, by the gang smuggled himself into disguised as night-staff. The many phones, tablets and laptops was filled up on seven vans in the subsequent 3 hours.
In spite of the possession of the powerful automatic weapons took place relatively calmly robbery. No one was injured, but a few were kept as hostages and got stripped of their phones battery so that the police could not be called upon.

The Brazilian authorities announces that the matter be investigated and suggests that there may be a case of an organization with insider sources because of their insight into the factory’s procedures and value inventory.