IPv6 Test World Day Happens Next Week

With the imminent depletion of IPv4 addresses, the switch to IPv6 is something important for worldwide service providers should be concerned. The forecast is that by the end of the year the addresses have been used up, which makes the mandatory transition. To publicize this problem ISOC created the World IPv6 Day, which is a day for all providers, general servers and users to test the compatibility with the new address. Continue reading IPv6 Test World Day Happens Next Week

Game HTML5 Uses the Browser Address Bar [Updated]

Despite having become a headache for Adobe, the HTML5 is a language full of new and interesting features. Pages with this language may offer in browsers compatible content in a smarter and more efficient than others, such as animations and videos. But they are not just on the page, so to speak. A bored programmer (always them!) Decided to show the potential of HTML5 in the address bar. And this created a game. Continue reading Game HTML5 Uses the Browser Address Bar [Updated]

LG Reveals Manual G3 ‘Mini’

A German manual reveals that LG comes with a mini version of the G3.

LG G3 was launched a few months ago and came on the market here in June. LG G3 was taken against with 5 stars out of 6 possible.

Among the great Android-producers, it is gradually become a tradition to make a mini version of the top models, and typically go there some months after topmodellens sales start before the mini series will be launched. Continue reading LG Reveals Manual G3 ‘Mini’

TDC Improves a Third of Mobile Network

A large-scale upgrade of TDC’s network is started and will be completed by February 2015.

A thousand TDC mobile master gets today an overhaul. The upgrade means that 29 percent of TDC’s network can now enjoy the faster data traffic with the 4 g network. In the first place, it is 40% of the TDC’s total traffic in the northern part of Zealand, and on the island of Bornholm, which now will be wrapped in the faster frequencies.

The improved net has not gone unnoticed. On the island of Bornholm notes TDC, to data traffic on the island has increased by 33 percent, and that voice will be clearer. TDC’s strategy director Kim S welcomes on TDC’s customers on behalf of: Continue reading TDC Improves a Third of Mobile Network

View Working iPhone 6 Clones

The Chinese make Huawei, ZTE, Oppo with multiple, but they are doing so quite a few copies, and now the iPhone 6 ‘ trip

There have been ongoing countless so-called ‘dummies’ of iPhone 6 on the net, but now Chinese Wico so taken one step further and put some electronics into them, and led them to act as a smartphone. It has been to the Wico i6, and media 86DIGI has had his fingers in a model.

The clone of the iPhone 6 is running Android, though it actually was similar to Apple’s iOS give gran. The clone looks like the pictures we’ve seen of the iPhone 6 previously and has a screen of 4.7 “, which is expected to be one of the two sizes, iPhone 6 will come in.

Continue reading View Working iPhone 6 Clones

Get Windows Phone 8.1 Today

Have you been waiting for Windows Phone 8.1 update, then it may be your lykkedag today

You have in a few months could download Windows Phone 8.1 if you were a developer or WP-ildsjæld, and it has many made. But part has, however, been waiting for that update was completely finished and the day has finally come.

However, it requires that you have a Nokia Lumia, and at the time of writing, however, it is only Nokia Lumia 625 and 925 models which can download the 8.1 update. Do you own one of the most popular Lumia 920, 620 or the remaining 8 units, you must wait a little longer. Continue reading Get Windows Phone 8.1 Today

BlackBerry Also Gets an Assistant

Most people know Siri, Cortana and Google Now, but now will also play with BlackBerry

BlackBerry has it’s difficult for the time being, since the competitors seem to run from them, but perhaps their new digital assistant can help them to catch up with some of the lead. Under the quite logical name BlackBerry Assistant gives Canadians an extra card to play, when to sell phones.

The functionality will be very similar to the one we know from competitors’ solutions. The ability to dictate messages, search the Web and pick up the phone without using the hands. Continue reading BlackBerry Also Gets an Assistant