How Do You Like The Iphone 6 Design?

Already for months the rumor mill to the iPhone 6 cooks.Almost every week there are new messages about the design, the display size or new apps and features on the upcoming iPhone. On the streets of New York, passers-by were interviewed for a video, what they think of the possible new design.

Yet nothing is certain for the iPhone 6. Apple keeps the doors firmly closed. Other manufacturers teasers like new devices to or leave

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LG G3-The New Top Smartphone by LG

Finally it is here. LG has presented to us yesterday the LG G3. Although much information to the public were due to previous leaks, LG has to offer some news. What the LG G3 can you see here.

The South Korean manufacturer has once again presented a top Smartphone. The LG G3 sets new standards in the Smartphone market and impressed in three categories: design, camera and display. New features will be presented in all three points and in fact it differs significantly from the competition. Let’s start.

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Acer Unveils Liquid New Smartphones And An Activity Tracker

Shortly before this year’s Computex, the Chinese electronics manufacturer Acer has unveiled several new devices. In addition to a high-end Phablet there’s new mid-range of smartphones and one three for beginners. Acer wants to get involved in the market of the activity tracker and announces a step counter and co. Bracelet.

Acer liquid X 1

The liquid X 1 is the first octa-core Smartphone by Acer. The 5.7-inch IPS display offers only a resolution of 720 p. These are 1280 x 720 pixels and 258ppi. A full-HD display would be useful for a large screen size. A MediaTek MT6592 processor is installed on the inside. It offers 8 ARM Cortex A7 cores, all of which are clocked at 1.7 GHz. There are also 2 gigabytes of RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB is not particularly large, but can be expanded via micro-SD card.

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Apple is Planning a Smart Home System [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 03.06.14] Apple introduces Home Kit API

Apple has on yesterday’s WWDC of no home – automation-featured app, but an API for developers.This new interface allows developers to connect devices in the home and to communicate. So various devices in a house in zones could be split and also grouped control. Devices of from different vendors could work together.

The control will then function by app or Siri. One imagines only once it says “Siri, I go to bed” and that automatically closes the front door, the lights go out, the heater also.

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Oppo Unveils Two New “Mini” Smartphones

Until now, oppo by great smartphones with very good hardware specifications has made a name. Now, two, the two top smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer, are shrunken and offered a mini version. Oppo has succeeded was the first manufacturer to bring a Smartphone with a quad-HD screen on the market.

One day only puts oppo has introduced two new smartphones. The small smartphone siblings were slimmed down slightly at the facilities.

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iOS 8-What’s New At a Glance

Last night Apple on the year’s worldwide presented iOS a new version of the mobile operating system developers Conference in San Francisco. Under the version number 8, Tim Cook and his colleagues have put several interesting innovations in the software for the iPhone and iPad.

In addition to a health centre, mainly the connection has been improved by various Apple devices.A new software version has been announced for Mac.

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Samsung’s First Smartphone With Tizen

Samsung has unveiled the first Smartphone with Tizen own mobile operating system. No leaks and rumors succeeded Samsung to bring out a good middle-class Smartphone. Even if it not quite get to the flagship Galaxy S5, it sounds like an interesting alternative.Whether Tizen can convince as the operating system the market will ultimately decide. But Samsung has now taken the first step.

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World Cup Feeling on The Iphone/Ipad Top Apps

The opening match of the World Cup starts in 2 days. This article is aimed at the iOS users who do not have the necessary apps still have obtained, to fully enjoy the World Cup. Here you can see what will need it all.

Who today has no Smartphone or Tablet? Almost everyone has one, and Apple has laid the foundations for this development at that time. Not only the Smartphone was revolutionised and iPhone on the market, they brought a completely new product category on the market. With the iPad, the Tablet era was heralded. Football fans can enjoy the World Cup even more with the apps presented by us and always be up to date on the World Cup.

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Huawei Mulan (honor 4) – Rumors of The Next High End Smartphone

The Huawei Ascend P7 was presented just fine a month ago and has only recently in the trade. Again, there are rumors of another high-end smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Photos from an Ascend D3 have surfaced only recently. The Mulan comes in a completely new design and reminds less of smartphones of the competition for the first time.

The name Mulan is probably not the name with which the Smartphone in the sale. It is just a code name. The information about the device come from a benchmark test. The sales name will probably be Huawei honor 4. The previous model is waterproof and has been sold as outdoor Smartphone.

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The Samsung F-series: The Better Galaxy S5

[Update 12.06.2014] Also today, an explosive picture of the S5 emerging Prime again. This time PhoneArena presents but a comparison image with the S5. There is as difference, that one has a thin border around the display Prime in the S5, as when the Galaxy S5 (image below).

[Update 11.06.2014] New pictures have surfaced of the suspected Prime version of the Galaxy S5. On @evleaks, the S5 appeared Prime with a back that looks like metal (see image below).

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