5 Reasons to Opt for the Remote Monitoring of Images

In all networks and retail stores, one of the most common and most widely used solutions to prevent losses, robberies and thefts, are the CCTV systems, the known security cameras. In addition to record suspicious attitudes, the cameras can perform all monitoring activity of the establishment, serving as an aid in time to coordinate the teams. However, when the CCTV is monitored remotely, other important advantages are guaranteed.

The data recorded by security cameras device , when stored in the same location where they were installed, are at serious risk of suffering a sabotage. The information recorded is of great importance and the thieves or malicious employees know it. That’s why it’s so important to have remote operations, keeping the data in total safety.

These are not the only advantages of investing in a remote operation. Check out five crucial reasons to opt for this technology:

  1. Safety data:With a remote monitoring system, your images are stored off site monitored and are maintained even after possible attacks to the system, in addition to prevent sabotage by internal agents;
  2. More security for the team:In the case of events such as theft or robbery, the cameras will be away from the site and free from coercion on the part of the thieves;
  3. Less internal fraud:The monitoring team is always leased in another establishment, leaving security operators away from the operating routine, preventing collusion between team members and inhibits stunts;
  4. Greater professionalization of the service:To maintain a high level, the teams who work with remote monitoring systems undergo constant supervision and periodic training;
  5. Tailored Service:To fetch a remote monitoring service, you will have a personalized service that will make a specific project in accordance with the objectives of your company and location to be monitored.

Invest in remote monitoring is to ensure even more efficiently with their solutions to prevent losses and bring more security to your establishment, 12:00 am a day, 7 days a week. To learn more, visit our website.