5 Watches to Give away to Someone Very Special!

For men or women, the clock will always be a key accessory to any production. Give a person a clock demonstrates that you have a special affection for her. But choosing the right model to give away may not be an easy task. You need to find that piece more combine with the presented. But how? Today we will give tips for those who want to present that special someone with a clock, check out:

Present for girlfriend Fashion

Golden Orient watch with Rhinestones- link

A model that combines very well with young women and tuned with the fashion world is the Golden Orient Watch with Rhinestones. The bracelet in gold and steel super delicate finish with Rhinestones give a total charm to play and combine with more sophisticated occasions. If the intention is to conquer, this is the ideal model to present your girlfriend.

Present for the Super Dad

Casio G-300-4AVDR- link

For super dad who loves playing with the kids, practice outdoor activities, extreme sports and has a very eventful day choose the model Casio G-300-4AVDR. Combination of analog and digital clock that can please all tastes. This model has on your bracelet grooves to remember the rays of a tire, what makes it even more cool, and will combine with all the adrenaline of who will receive it. Has resistance to shock and is waterproof, so you can follow your father in all activities.

Presents for the casual boyfriend

Orient 469TT044- link

Your boyfriend adopt casual style, is vain, likes to be always well groomed? So the ideal clock model to present you is the Orient 469TT044. According to theeliteswatches, this automatic watch has a sophisticated leather bracelet, which combines with any visual, also offers protection against water, plus a differential, whereas men are somewhat careless, isn’t it? The display is silver and gold details give a special finish to this piece, which will bring more charm to your boyfriend. After this, no more excuse to be late.

Gift for Wife Classic

Euro Gold watch with Wine – link

A combination of Golden wine, super stylish. Ideal for use with a classic look, at parties and cocktails. The leather bracelet makes this piece even more versatile. The Euro model Golden with Wine will make the joy of those who receive it as a gift, a real gem, you bet.

Present for Girlfriend Sportsman

Mormaii DW3184/8A- link

His girlfriend is the kind you don’t neglect of beauty even in time to play sports? So the model DW3184/8A is the Mormaii watch she is waiting. The model is made of plastic, so ideal for the practice of sports. In the blue and white colours, match any outfit. This watch also has stopwatch and alarm functions, therefore, besides leaving your most beautiful girlfriend, will help you also in your physical activities.

Like our tips to find the ideal watch for gift giving? The options are numerous, in our site you will find several models that appeal to every taste, make a visit and be surprised who you like with this special gift.