8 Tips to Treat Your Clothes with Care and Respect

One of the most common issues that arise when I talk to someone about men’s fashion is about the quality and durability of parts of certain brands and stores, but the most striking is the disparity of opinions, with some people saying that the mark X is great and others criticizing the same! A lot of these experiences, whether good or bad, has the biggest variable the way the person uses and cares for your clothes, because most often the organized and zealous has little to complain about, while the sloppy live talking about how unhappy they are with their purchases of clothing.

If you are in the class of those who think the clothes too fragile, maybe you should rethink the way it is, so here are some tips to respect and take care of what’s inside of your wardrobe:

1–Avoid Tying Fragile Or Very Structured Pieces In Waist

If the blazer is heating up to the point where you have to take it, hang it on your arm, place it on the bag mailman or fold it carefully and keep it in the bag. Tie a piece made with good quality and delicate fabric at the waist is a crime, moreover, many of these pieces have lining and backing fabric that can lose their shapes and ruin the trim. Show a little more respect for the work of our friend tailor and be careful!

2-Let The Clothes To Rest

As well as the leather shoes that should not be used two days in a row in order to leave your leather “breathe”, the clothes should also have a range of at least 24 hours between one use and others. In the meantime its fibers return to the place and the moisture captured from your body evaporates.

3-Do Not Store Right Away

Just use a Cardigan and I’ve kept it in the closet? None of this, give it a rest! To the previous tip to work, you must leave the play some air and, often, this simple attitude is enough to remove strong odors such as cigarette or frying.

4-Not Every Outfit Will On The Hanger

We know that nothing is more practical than the hanger in time to get rid of those clothes that are on the way, but very heavy parts and little structured, as tricôs and v-neck sweaters tend to be completely deformed when hanging, so get used to the idea of bending them whenever you save them.

5-Make The Bar Or Fold, There Is No Third Option

The jeans too long must have your bar is made or folded, leaving her dragging on the floor is not an option, serving only to make the fabric horribly stretched and shabby.

6–Basic Underwear T-Shirts

Use a basic t-shirt underneath that expensive shirt can avoid soil and bruises yellow with sweat or deodorant (some of them are worse than the sweat!) in the armpits. So you can use your clothes longer and without subjecting it to several washings.

7–Undo The Knot Of The Tie

I already gave this tip before, but it never hurts to repeat that the tie should be stored in an upright position (preferably) and with the knot undone so you don’t lose your way or earn creases. Do this even after I got over that wedding showered the champagne and music.

8–Do The Grooming Before Being Fully Clothed

Shaving and applying hair and skin products can mean spills and fallen hairs about that expensive suit your your favorite shirt or, so before you dress them, take care of your beauty routine, clean it properly and then the most important parts for a shirt, tie, blazer, coat or sweater.