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Turndown, cutaway, full spread, club collar and button down. Skjortkragar is pure jungle, full unclear definitions. Manolo lists the five most common and best used.

Often referred to as spread or business collar. Cutawaykragen is perceived as balanced a range of ansikttyper and slipsvidder, as well as allow narrow wide. Many would argue that it is best to tie, but not the collar too at, this is a model which is at least just as good without. Avoid jackets with too narrow lapels and shoulders, wide collars provide an even more extreme impression. Otherwise suitable this kragtyp just as good to the pinstriped kontorskostym as vardagskavaj. Speaking to the shirt worn this collar on poplin, pinpoint or Twill fabric.

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The boldest of the cutaway collars, where the distance between the kragsnibbarna is so white that the collar shape pointing away from the chest. Fits especially hearty ties in kashmir or sevenfold ties in heavy sidenkvalité. Appears not infrequently among Italian manufacturers that Borrelli, Truzzi or Barba. The British interpretation is often slightly rounder in shape. Full spread is not recommended for people with narrow face, which can further enhance the perceived impression of the size.

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Actually, this category also includes cutaway, but is now used for collars with slightly less range and relatively spestiga kragsnibbar. Exactly where the border runs, we let be unsaid. It is clear that this kragtyp in General suitable for jackets with normal width or slightly narrower lapels and shoulders. Since this is a relatively dressed collar is seen also as the most formal. Smokingskjortor has frequently this kragtyp, that also lends itself much better to fly than cutawaymodeller.

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Button Down
The most casual of kragtyper. Seen often in rugged oxford quality or linen in summer. Worn with advantage to the free bomullsblazer or under the pullover. The perennial point of contention is whether this kragtyp can be worn to tie or not. Sure, it can, but keep in mind that the soft collar will be shaped after the tie why all for broad slipsknutar should be avoided. One tip is to wear this collar unbuttoned, to tie gives the same impression as a soft turndown-collar.

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The last category shirts have been given a clear boost in recent seasons. Club collar is characterized by its round which is carried to the tie. To all for this buisnessbetonad kragtyp attire can be experienced as something out of place without a club collar makes itself as a pin collar-model best suited to a modern preppystil.

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