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If the first Bike 360 was probably the smartphone that has made the recent history of the smartwatch Android Wear, the Second Edition has been waiting for a long time but finally satisfying all expectations. Bike 360 2015 is more beautiful, more mature, better finished, with a more pleasant and with a higher overall quality. It only remains to find out:

Hardware, Materials and ergonomics

Bike 360 2015 is finally based on the standard Android platform Wear and therefore abandoned the TI Omap processor replaced by proven Snapdragon 400 detuned for Wear. This new generation is characterized by three different versions: a sport that has a different look and the subject of the review that is available in version 46 mm and 42 mm (on probation).

Between the two versions, “classic” changes in addition to the size the battery capacity that goes from 300mAh to model 400mAh 46 mm. The rest is all identical and we find a display 360×330 pixels and all major sensors including that of brightness.

Dimension 46 mm x 11.4 mm and 42 mm x 11.4 mm
Colors Black, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold (Women Edition only)
Display 1.56 inches 360 x 330 (1080p @ 24 fps) and 1.37 inches 360 x 325 (263ppi) LCD with Gorilla Glass 3
CPU 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 400
RAM 512 MB
Memory 4 GB
Battery 400mah and 300mAh
Sensors Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Heartrate, Bluetooth 4.0
Watch bands Stainless steel, leather, rose gold (Women’s Edition only)

The new 360 Motion is more refined than the previous model even if it does not change the General essence. We note however a cut less wide display which allows you to integrate the light sensor, we moving the side key 2 a.m. much more comfortable and an edit to fix the straps now smoother.

These cosmetic changes impacting favourably on ergonomics and usability making Bike 360 2015 better in all respects than its predecessor.


The Panel used by Motorola is a 1.56 inches with resolution 360 x 330 which gives a density of 1080p @ 24 fps. The screen is also protecting from Gorilla Glass 42 mm version 3 and under test is obviously smaller and amounted to 1.37 inches with resolution 360 x 325 (263ppi).

The quality is great and you do not have problems in managing the smartwatch but the real difference lies in the light sensor. The presence of this feature makes Bike 360 preferable to virtually all Wear in circulation and improves very much the daily interaction with the product.Motorola also really nice and customizable Watch Faces and make this Android Wear really nice to use. Only minus activation through movement of the wrist is not always very accurate.

Autonomy, Software and sensors:

Although the packaging of motion 360 2015 is relatively large, there are few things inside the box. We find, however, the base for charging that allows placing your watch and to recharge it immediately without inserting the connectors of any kind. The UI changes transforming the smartwatch into a bedside clock deaf, convenient and useful especially at night.

The diver has a battery 300mAh which makes a night with no problem. Probably the model from 46 mm can do better and maybe we could hypothesize 2 days of use by turning it off at night. However in both cases the base if you make a trip will serve you anyway.

Among the things to emphasize we then find the presence of Wi-Fi but, above all, the reader of the heartbeat that in addition to function well, leverages a suite Motorola really excellent. We have Motorcycle Body that provides a continuous reading of the tick and that works very well with our physical activity.

Speaking of software we have the latest version of Android Wear is much more mature than at the beginning and with many more applications. The interaction via Touch has improved, intuitive is superior and overall very good experience. Voice control does not disappoint even if holding right Bike 360 microphone is less sensitive.


The new LED watch is arguably the best Android Wear currently available on the market provided you do not be scared of 350 € required. The black version from 42 mm is already a little over 300 € but one has to consider one thing: with the platform update Wear to Android Marshmallow may prove to get the control calls directly from Smartwatch (response and interaction) and upon Motion 360 does not seem to have a speaker inside.

Assumptions and rumor aside Bike 360 is undoubtedly a product managed to almost 360°.

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