Animal Print Wallets

The wallets are indispensable for storing documents, cards and money. Usually women wear them in combination with the bag or with shoes and accessories.

But it is not always possible to have numerous wallets to match all looks, so always opt for more neutral colors, even if it is animal print. Colors like brown, gray and black are ideal and combine with all looks, especially the prints of jaguar, zebra, tiger, snake, among others. These colors are ideal for handbags, but if you use them inside your purse you can abuse them in color.


Although the large bag is indispensable in the feminine look, sometimes there are times when the handbags are ideal to store few accessories like lipstick, house key, cell phone and money. It is no wonder that wallet bags have gained space on the streets as a practical and very stylish option. Once they were used only in more formal events such as weddings and promenades in combination with the long dresses and the sophistication of the moment. But today the model has become much more democratic with a wide variety of styles, different materials and prints. The print that has gained media space is the jaguar that promises to be present at this station.

How To Use Animal Print Wallets

Because it is a very striking print the animal print wallets speak for themselves, so if you do not want to make ugly in the combination choose to use more discreet looks preferably in the color of the wallets defined by a2zgov, since the portfolio already gives the differential and style Well-deserved composition. For a more discreet look, opt for wallets with more original prints like black and white. If you enjoy investing colors in a modern look using colorful animal print wallet in the colors that are trend and mount your visual color blocking that still remains trend.