Antique Pendulum Wall Clocks

Decorated your classic living room with an object from the vintage references that will take you back in time, cullandovi with its rhythmic ticking. The pendulum clocks are the ideal choice for those who like to surround themselves with precious details that you want to be admired by all guests.

The retro charm of the old pendulum clocks

The grandfather antique clocks have a very special detail to enrich your bedroom by retro references or your living room inspired by the classic style. A precious object that seems straight out of a lovely market antiques or found in the attic of an ancient aristocratic villa. It will look like a treasure unearthed and rearranged the best in order to appear as new in the middle of your stay. An antique grandfather clock is an original detail that enchant all your guests, recreating the environment a refined atmosphere of yesteryear.

Antique pendulum clocks of the seventeenth century

The ancient pendulum clocks measure the passage of time based on the regular swing of a pendulum operated mechanically. Today we can rely on more accurate quartz watches, but undoubtedly the old pendulum clocks have an inimitable charm and a beauty retro that draws the gaze of observers, captured by the harmonic motion of the pendulum. The study of this regular movement dates back to the research of vintage home decor ideas DIY in seventeenth century and it is in this century that are invented the first watch models pendulum, which quickly spread throughout Europe. Craftsmanship and precious materials were employed in the following century to create unique pieces of antique pendulum clocks, now preserved as true works of art in the most famous museums in the world.

Antique pendulum clocks from the floor and wall

The variety of antique grandfather clocks to choose from is really wide and will allow everyone to find the perfect solution for your tastes and the spaces of the house. Floor models inspired by antique clocks in precious woodlacquered alternate with antique clocks pendulum wall: a closed walnut chest by a thin glass will see the rhythmic motion of the pendulum, which enchant every glance. Choose a cream colored dial enhanced by hours written in Roman numerals and metal hands with sinuous lines. A brass pendulum at the bottom will complete the picture, creating a real art work for your wall. Enjoy the fascination of the ancient pendulum clocks, one detail that will make you take a leap into the past cullandovi with its rhythmic melody: tick, tock, tick, tock …

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If you are looking for special furniture accessories with which you can add to a room a touch of style, then you are on the right page! With the old pendulum clocks, for example, you can make a truly memorable stay, especially if you decide to place them over an elegant antique desk with writing or near an elegant console table with marble top. Be inspired by the advice of our style of interior design experts, who select each day exclusively for you only the best in furniture and home decor: discover furniture and accessories discounted up to 70% and have fun decorating your home with ideas original! Our site: love your home!

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