Apple Has The Key To The Treasure Of Intelligent Watches

IFA 2015 held in Berlin It has left us three new watches in the market, and will still get some more before the end of September. However, the truth is that we find that all lack them identity. Nobody gets to advance the world of the smartwatches. The key to its future could be in Cupertino.

Failure innovation

When life you have dedicated to succeed smartphones to high-volume manufacturing and mimicking the characteristics of the contrary, it is difficult to be innovative. It is the case of Samsung who, despite being the largest manufacturer of mobile today, and have improved to Apple with their smartphones, even innovate rather than the Cupertino in to smartphones refers, its new smartwatch, the Samsung S2 Gear, is not innovative. It has almost the same functions, but one, the previous Samsung Gear S, its design with a novelty, which is that it is circular, as the intelligent watch launched last year. And to this we must still add one more thing, the price is the same. Features similar, with any news of a new generation, but same price, on a device that did not get a great success, not by himself, but because of that clocks just not make a place in the market.

Not only we are talking about the watch Samsung, but also another which in the past was characterized for being the most innovative, the new Motorola Moto 360. The new generation of this watch has been. Innovative functions? No. Some improvements in the design and finishes and more customization options. The Motorola Moto 360 was one of the most innovative smart watches, but Motorola designed it being still part of Google. It is now part of Lenovo, a company in which profits with devices that are released is key, and that will make them lose in innovation, as it has been.

We can not forget Huawei has definitely launched the Huawei Watch, a watch that was presented a few months ago, and that again relies mainly on its design, therefore does not add no function to what we already see on other watches.

In this case, as in the previous case of Motorola, we find one thing in common, they are more expensive than the previous generation of Android Wear watches, despite having almost the same functions. If smart watches still have not become a profitable niche in the market, how it is possible for unique innovations in the clocks of this year to focus on the design, and that in addition the price goes up? How do you expect companies that watches triumph thus?

A more useful watch

The market is waiting for a worthy watch smart surname. So far we have not seen it, because clocks are little more than secondary displays of our smartphone that carry on the wrist and that in the best of cases get that we have to use something less the smartphone. But what really will be different from a smart watch from a standard clock, are functions that count, not the design. It seems that companies are striving to ensure that their watches are more beautiful, and have more customization options. No great fan of watches will be willing to renounce traditional clockwork by a smart watch, except that it includes functions that really does not want to give up. On the other hand, anyone who is not accustomed to wearing watch will want a very expensive smart clock. Therefore, what is the first sector that need to capture? It technology, but these fans not shooting them with design, but with functions.


And here is where to come to Apple. Cupertino are the key to the treasure. They are who can get converted to a useful device smart clock. And we do not say this because there is a blind faith in the Apple company. In fact long ago that they are unable to be truly innovative, but in this case it does not seem that there is no one more capacity to innovate. Why? For various reasons. One of them is that almost all the companies that can compete with Apple have already presented their smart watches, and do not have any relevant novelty, so the only hope is that Apple will launch something innovative. On the other hand, the market is full of companies that mimic the novelties of the Apple, so the launch of a clock with news from Apple, even if they are only promises for the future, would work to all companies to integrate new technologies and features in its smartwatches.

But in addition to this, Apple has certain characteristics that do not meet many of the other manufacturers of smartphones and smart watches on the market, and is that they not only take care of hardware but also software on their devices, something that only equals in Samsung, with its watches with Tizen. With Android Wear Smart Watches have a major flaw, it is that Google is the company responsible for this operating system, and they rely on many of the functions that have the watches. But this makes clear, that if Google does not consider important watches as they considered them Motorola or LG, there is an imbalance between efforts of ones and others. This doesn’t happen at Apple, as the hardware and software are developed at the same time, and work for the other. Perhaps because of this same was a great choice by Samsung choose launch watches with its own operating system.

And we can not forget the innovative character of Apple, that although in recent years it has lost, this new world of smart watches could be decisive in the innovative Apple back. If it is not, the smart watches will have to wait until the end of the year 2016 next to receive important news, a good expectation for this sector.

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