Apple Iphone: All Iphones in the Test

Apple’s iPhone set new standards. Meanwhile, the Erfolgs smart phone celebrated its 10th anniversary. We have all iPhones-from the 2 G for you up to the latest offshoot-in the test.

The hype was great when Apple showed the first iPhone in 2007. And over the years, he has been even greater. Meanwhile, the iPhone is a smart phone among many-still spraying the devices have their own charm. Because the manufacturer from California builds perfectly processed Smart phones that work just as well with the iOS operating system.

See all tested iPhones in our Photo Gallery. Thanks to years support also older models remain long time on the latest software version. First, we present you the currently most popular iPhone.

Review: The Apple Iphone 7 Plus

The iPhone 8 is already upon us, extensively test we couldn’t do it but still. Also never mind, because who wants to spend not vast sums of money for the latest model, goes with its predecessor, iPhone 7 plusthat hardly worse – but considerably cheaper. In the test convinced the iPhone with an excellent performance, good display, and an ordinary dual camera with optical image stabilizer, zooming, and wide angle feature.

Our conclusion at the time of the test:

“IPhone 7 plus offers in all matters more than the smaller brother: brighter display, longer battery runtimes and double camera. Just the extremely fleet processor brings extra points again neatly. There are deductions, however, for the long loading times.”

The current prices of the top device, see the widget below. If the iPhone 7 plus with its 5.5 inch screen is too big you and you don’t need the dual camera, worth a look at that iPhone 7. Positive side effect: the iPhone 7 is again a corner less than the plus model.

Please see our all iPhones in the test Photo Gallery. In the table below we have picked out all iPhones you, who are currently in our leaderboard.