Apple Watch: Apple Shows All Functions, Photos and Videos

The launch of the Apple Watch is noticeably closer. Apple has given now firmly established the smart clock on his website and introduces the Smartwatch in detail with numerous photos and videos.

Apple Watch: Release imminent

Spring 2015 – which is still Apple’s official start date for the Apple Watch. But the release seems to move closer. Interested parties can now get on the Apple home page a much better impression of the watch.

Apple Watch: Fitness features explained

On Apple’s website you can find now in great detail about social features, fitness features, design or technology the Apple Smartwatch. According to,  in addition to detail views and feature screenshots, there is a large Gallery in the Apple shows the different housing and bracelets, as well as three information videos, in which the clock will be presented from all sides. You can find the best views of the clock in our photo gallery.

Apple Watch explains: unusual lot of text for an Apple product

Apple seems to go two Rails in the marketing of his watch currently. On the one hand, the company turns a text ad line in the printed US vogue – a classic clock advertising with large, stylish images.
On his website, however, the manufacturer crams as much information as possible – including the detailed description of how a Mickey Mouse dial. So the company has not yet probably, to whom it is aimed with the clock: nerds or luxury fetishists.  (nh)