Apple Watch: Display Dimming How It Works

Whether in the dark cinema or at night in the bedroom: The display of the Apple Watch is very bright if you do not dim it in time. In this practice, we will show you the ways in which you can adjust the display brightness of the smart watch.

Apple Watch:Dimming the display before turning it on
The Apple Watch series 2 features a new feature that allows you to change the brightness of the smart watch at any time without turning on the display. This is especially handy if you don’t want to disturb anyone in a dark room with your Smart watch. However, with the first generation Apple Watch, this trick does not work.
• Before you can adjust the brightness of your Apple Watch yourself, you must turn off automatic activation. To do this, open the Apple Watch app on your iphone, and under “Settings” > “General” > “Enable display”, disable the “Enable:on High” option.
• Now lift your arm with the Apple Watch, you can increase the display brightness slowly over the crown on the side. So you have full control of the display at all times and can dim it correctly depending on the environment.
Although the above trick is quite handy, it has a weakness: press the crown to get to the apps, your display will light up despite everything. The DIMM function is therefore only suitable for displaying the time. Therefore, if you want to permanently dim the Apple Watch, you will need to adjust the brightness. This also works with the first generation Apple Watch.
• To do this, open the Apple Watch app on your iphone and switch to settings.
• Under “Brightness & Text Size” You can choose between three levels of brightness.
• Tap the desired brightness level to dim the Apple Watch accordingly.
As you turn off your Apple Watch completely and so really do not disturb anyone with the light of smart watch, we show on the next page.