Are You A Geek? Meet Our Female Geek T-Shirts

There is no denying that the geeks and the nerds have a lot in common, but that the concept of the first has been taken along the second.

And you know why?

Because, nowadays, it’s easy to fall in love with technology, games, pop culture and other means of information and technology, before so restricted to a particular niche.

So the geeks dominated the world.

They are there, forming queues for the latest smartphone model or comic book conventions.

Are present at the fairs of games or even in the first few rows of the shows, with their gadgets and your favorite patterned styles in the chest with female geek t-shirts too, why not?

If you consider yourself a geek, check out all about it in our post, and how to dress up this female t-shirt style on our website!

What Is Geek

Forget the derogatory terms. The geek is here to stay, the same way that there are still those considered nerds.

The only difference is that, nowadays, the technology facilitated a lot of things – the social conviviality, inclusive.

So, no more as neglecting the fact that nerds and geeks occupy the same place, only changing the label.

To the girl geek, inclusive, the term can be exploited in different ways. After all, there are geeks garment for all tastes, styles and fashions, as, for example:

The Computer Geek

They are most of the queues for a technological novelty, like a new computer, a revolutionary smartphone or a simple graphic feature that she had an eye on launch for some time.

The computer geek knows everything that technology allows and may allow, in the future, being the point of contact of the friends to inform on the subject.

For them, the Chico Rei highlights tributes to who lives life intensely and knows how to enjoy her online and unplugged with a beautiful female geek t-shirt!

The How-To Geek For Games

They are taking over the Islands. In Brazil, for example, they are part of 52.6% of the total audience that plays games!

That given, we can add those that cling to different types of games, like the nostalgia for a simpler technology: Old, but Gold – but a lot of fun – and, also, that are already the most current classics of our generation, as the unforgettable game RockStar’s Red Dead Redemption!

By the way, you’ve had a look at the teaser that Rockstar Games published for Red Dead Redemption 2?

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The Science Fiction Geek

Do you know the difference between May the Force Be with You and live long and prosper?

So, have you filled out just some of the prerequisites to be a science fiction geek.

Of Harry Potter the Game of Thrones, without forgetting other classics such as the Lord of the rings, this geek manja the releases and classics from the past – including the sentences that were for the story.

In Chico Rei, the fantasy is in first place in our prints. Left over even for the wizard Gandalf dress up your style with her or other female geek t-shirts in the universe of science fiction. After all, the fashion passes, but: – You shall not pass!

The How-To Geek For Anime And Manga

The predilection for cosplays to simple Conference what’s shaking the universe of Eastern comics, geek by anime has captive space in the heart of Chico Rei.

Highlight to our cute tribute to the rose family, Dragon Ball Z, and even the Saitama, the hero unable to find a rival to your height and destroys them with a punch, only, the famous One Punch Man!

The How-To Geek For TV Series

You cried with the series finale of Friends, How I Met your Mother or even Breaking Bad?

Feel an orphan once the marathon in front of the TV closes?

There’s not much mystery, so: you have been bitten by the bug that infects the geeks for TV series!

And, in Chico Rei, have the remedy: the best female geek t-shirts on TV series and film hits.

Comedy drama, passing even for your favorite series from Netflix, here you will find the ideal products to highlight very well their passions and good taste!

The World’s Geek

That should be to realize that you and many of those who you know has a foot in the geek side of the force, doesn’t it?

So if you remembered a fellow geek who will also fall in love with this post, share it on your social networks and discover new tastes in common.