Asus Eee Pad Slider

In the world of Android tablets, Asus is a company that hardly will be cited in court by Apple, because its models (or hypothetical) are all pretty original and nonconformist, as the now widely anticipated Eee Pad Slider, which reaches us a preview, this time from neighboring France.

The history of this model begins to get really daring: initially introduced at CES last January along with famous Transformer and the MeMO (which we lost track), it was then subject to continuous announcements, changes, appearances and delays, so that its spread appears at least confusing. After having glimpsed in Portugal, it is therefore with pleasure that we look at this preview French, hoping (but with great skepticism) that means that we will soon also we touch it with your hands.

Unpacking the tablet he brought with him the agreeable presence of a leather case, we don’t know yet whether this is a bonus of Amazon (it came from the Slider) or will be inserted by default in each pack, anyway we register a +1 in this field; of course there are the classical manuals and charger.

The painful notes start though when you pick up the tablet: Needless to go around, it is big and heavy. Not a brick, but among his fellows the Asus model is definitely a “plus size”: just under 1 kg in weight and about 2 cm thick (Asus declares 886g) certainly won’t go unnoticed. If you’re used to the weight of a netbook or worse than that of a laptop, we will definitely issues, however is objective note that the presence of the slider requires this price to pay. Of course, there are also good: aside from the obvious convenience of physical keys, the slider mechanism always provides a secure base to put the tablet on any surface and it tilted toward us at the optimal angle; I mean, on the one hand will be most inconvenient hold it, the other will be facilitated to use any more or less flat surface as a base. Finally, note that the slider mechanism would be tested over time in order to understand the true strength, because at first glance it doesn’t seem foolproof.

Among the curious notes we report the presence on the side of the device, in addition to the volume keys and ignition, the reset button: we’re not sure how to interpret an appearance that we can’t deny it, we did run a chill down your spine of “windowsiana memory”. However, if we consider valid the rule that more features there are, the better we will greet him with a warm welcome.

The physical keyboard, similar to that of the EeePC isn’t very big and requires some time for adaptation to be used at its best: its dimensions are not generous and we will have to take the measure with some keys, however after the feeling of having to deal with a toy keyboard disappears pretty quickly, giving way to more pleasant impressions. What paradoxically is felt most is the lack of the touchpad, because when we hardly writing quickly move your hand on the screen, or at least would not be the most natural gesture that would want to do, besides the selection by tapping the display (maybe when we want to place the cursor exactly between two letters) is far less precise than the classic mouse. They may seem, but if we take a tablet with slider means that we feel the need of a rapid input/output comparable with that of a PC, but the Slider does not seem able to get.

In this regard, we invite you to watch the following three short videos in French, which are also an interesting comparison with the Transformer:

For the avoidance of doubt we report that the keyboard of the Slider (unlike the Transformer) contains no battery but the tablet is still good, settling on canonical now 8 hours of use.

From the software side there is little to say, the equipment is really complete: from Movie Studio for the making of movies, a “MyZine” which is a kind of aggregator of business; ASUS proves once again to be able to do from the point of view of software in short, and Android 3.2 gives her a hand.

Finally on Ward photos/videos, you can judge for yourself with the photos in the Gallery at the end of article, however the camera proved to be of a good standard, especially in the tackle and color fidelity

Ultimately a praise to Asus for the continuous search for new solutions is due, this mean that models like the Slider hardly will be a blockbuster because of its particular characteristics. The will of course additional space when you arrive in Italy, but if you were on a tour in France try to test it out a bit, it’s definitely one of those tablets that should fit your needs to be really appreciated. According to, if the keyboard is just an accessory you use from time to time, you are probably looking at the wrong tablets.

We leave you with an extensive photo gallery and with a link to the official French of the Eee Pad Slider, which also contains the complete specifications and where you will find all the information provided by the manufacturer.