Be Pretty: Five Essential of The Week

This time officially starts my weekend, so it is the best time to show you my discoveries of the last few days. Today I suggest a mask that makes magic skins (and people) tired… a perfect place for those who want to start with healthy living and finally an ideal plan for all fans of IKEA, do we start?.

A garment

Halftime is capricious, so it is good to be with # clothing warm slightly, is light and above all, stylish. We see thousands of proposals in the stores, but this week I’ve fallen in love with me this coat from Zara jacquard, perfect to go to work or to go out in the night.

A plan

IKEA celebrates its 20 years in Spain with an exhibition to be inaugurated next Monday April 25 in the official school of architects of Madrid. There we can see how the brand has evolved since he arrived in our country, but we will also see some surprises that we have deparadas for the future. A compulsory plan for those who are fans of the Swedish multinational.

A spot

Dior It has unveiled the first video of ‘Milky Dots’, his collection of spring and of course, we loved: has that modern point that such good results has given the brand, but with the elegance to which we are accustomed. I’ve already signed one of the shadows palettes, you’re beautiful!.

A site

This site I discovered it yesterday and I can already tell that I will become a customer a regular. Is called ‘La Madeleine of Proust’, a green store that also has a bakery of the truth. If you’re in way of improving your habits and need ideas of food rich and healthy, I recommend you visit… Moreover they make cooking workshops, so it’s all there.

A product

My ‘beauty’ recommendation today is a mask of Kenzoki It is easy to become addicted. It is called ‘Night of dream’ and as its name indicates, it relaxes the skin in a such way that going to bed with a feeling of well-being in the amazing skin. I have been using it for some time and I definitely recommend it.

Do with what our essential you stay?

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