Beauty Tips: Elleven Depillare!

As everyone knows, my work has always been show news to facilitate the everyday life of the people. Today, my guess is a place that sooooo many of you already know I know, but unfortunately I still don’t know, the Hall there for 17 years, can you believe it!!!! Yesterday I had the pleasure of having a delicious day of Princess at the Salon Depillare Elleven, just when I arrived I was delighted with the valets at the reception the warmth and charisma of Tania and your whole team with me and with all customers , and so I let myself in.

Hit a super chat with William, the administrator of the saloon, where I could see how a company organized, planned and great. I’ve known many salon professionals and I was crazed with the technical qualification of hairdressers Fabio and the PJ, they are two Keune technicians that meet in the Hall, they go every year to the factory of Keune in Holland doing the most modern courses in hair! Pure professional wealth!!!! Fabio has given advice on various famous halls of São Paulo, as the Studio W and Proença in addition to training for the entire Brazil, they are the best technical professionals of Keune Township. So women can play in the hands without medoooooo the Depillare Elleven, really I could check the quality of the cuts, colouring, lights, ombré hair, sunkissed and other more, very soon (not vejoooo the hooora) to play my bebelos in their hands!!!!!! I’m going to show you for sure heimmmm, I booked the date!!!

The Keune is a Dutch company, a brand with almost 100 years, is a company totally familiar, where the philosophy is “quality” and relationship between hairdressers and final consumer, is not only a commercial activity. A very nice example, is SO PURE product line, made with natural extracts, developed with sustainability standards, recyclable packaging, plant extracts, ideal for people who seek experiences, it’s not a common shampoo!!! The colorations of Keune are the only that does not contain PPD (main schedule of allergy). Is the only brand available in Brazil!!

I’m going to show a little bit of everything for you, come with me

Another novelty fresh Hall, the dearest hairdresser Joana Albuquerque with years and years of profession, now part of team Depillare Elleven Salon!!!

Apart from professionals in the field, the Hall also has makeup, waxing, manicure and pedicure, Podiatrist and aesthetics. Is a complete beauty salon, on top of that, there is a store attached to the Salon. What really caught my attention was view the qualification and the attendance of all salon professionals, did foot, hand, make, hair, eyebrow and loved everything!! Now that the bashes are starting, the Depillare is a super tip to make life easier for you, is a very large lounge, then you get there and come out ready, can schedule for the family who live outside of Campo Grande also without fear, they will be extremely satisfied and “beautiful” cla ro!

There’s even a delicioooosaaaa Diner, with super healthy snacks as we paint the hair we know it takes a long time, you know, you can’t imagine the amount of stuff that is out there, who don’t have much time and want to take advantage of the lunch hour to go in the Hall , can go there, you get way too much time, solves all Wham BAM!!

Girls another novelty of the Hall, the Depillare is the only representative of the hair updo HairDo, they lengthen, volumizes, has franjinhas and more options, all of the prompt delivery!!

Congratulations William family entrepreneurship and Renno, loved meeting you and come back a thousand times for sure!!!!

Loved the valets, we don’t have any problem to find place for parking, they run right!