Belmondo Shoes Spring

The next spring and the upcoming summer are very colorful. Belmondo’s new collection is a true colours with bright and strong colors. Especially the colors Blue, red, turquoise and bright yellow are well represented. Colourblocking and retro look – these are the hippest trends.

Retro look
The retro look is highlighted by vintage platform shoes with Cork soles, a type of shoe, which is not indispensable from the 70s according to beautyphoon. In bright yellow or orange bring these shoes good spirits and sunshine at the same time, in addition also wedge heels with woven wrapping are fully in line with the trend. The woven sheath is simply decorated in beige tone or suitable as a zig-zag pattern colorful in multiple shades of color to the color of the shoe. The popular Cork material which also often occurs in other shoes with wedge heels, as for example, when so-called peep-toes in the Navy look, red white striped. Conveniently it runs itself with these shoes, without having to give up a paragraph.

Since pastel tones and black very quickly boring, is represented in the upcoming summer the brightly color palette for all shoes. The Colourblocking look at explosive colours be combined when compared to the previous combination method, which always a basic tone was elected, usually black, Brown, beige or white, is no longer available at the Colourblocking the keynote. Pink is the most common colour. The shoes on the other hand it has been the classic combination method, but here strong colors, such as for example strong red and yellow are continuously in use. Any strong color ideally lends itself well to ballerinas or the above mentioned platform shoes with Cork soles. Not to be forgotten is the frequent use of block paragraphs, which are also the same colour or more matching colors in a regular pattern.

While Belmondo is a rather classic representative for shoes, but follows also this brand of fashionable trends and want to keep up with everyone else. Although the color often is black with Belmondo, knalligere colors such as blue and teal are represented in this spring heavily, two colors that can be combined very well with each other. Certainly, this combination may seem subtle, but it follows the concept of the Colourblocking. Teal platform shoes with a platform sole made of Cork are also in this spring to meet. The current collection is available in stores but also online at the major shoe retailers.