Best Sleeping Bag for Summer Camp

Choosing the right sleeping bag for your next camping trip can mean the difference between sleep good or bad night. According to external experts, you should consider several factors when choosing the perfect summer sleeping bag. It is advisable to choose a bag that is made of material such as nylon and avoid heavy materials like cotton. Try to avoid purchasing a bag that is made for cold weather of 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts also recommend comparing options of your favorite or most famous outdoor specialty stores.

LLBean has created a sleeping bag that is perfect for summer camping trips. This sleeping bag has been tested by specialists and is known for its high quality. The interior of the sleeping bag is polyester, while outside or shell of the sleeping bag is nylon. This model is available in three sizes: children, adults and very large adult who measured 6 feet, 5 inches. It comes in five different colors: bright navy, canoe green, colonial red, green tea and royal blue. This sleeping bag is approximately 5.5 kilograms and is not recommended for long trips because it is considered more hard summer sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is recommended at temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit and costs sixty US dollars before transportation costs and taxation from Marmot Never Summer 0 Sleeping Bag.

The Long rated four out of five stars from the supplier sporting goods giant REI, this sleeping bag is filled with down feathers inside and has a waterproof exterior. A hooded sleeping bag allows to protect all carried over from the elements and face cuff is included for comfort. This sleeping bag is labeled as a preferred three seasons and is recommended for people who are generally colder during sleep. Lighter than many peers, this sleeping bag weighs about four kilograms and is done easily during travel. The options vary between what bag side zipper and zipper protector keeps the zipper from water leakage in the sleeping bag. This bag is priced at $ 200 before shipping and tax costs.

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