Best Swimwear for Hourglass Figure

If you have a body with an hourglass shape – slim waist and proportionate hips and bust, you’re lucky. This is the ideal figure. Such a figure go any clothes. You can easily find a suitable swimsuit with such body. Here are some tips though, how to find the best bikini body hourglass:

The first thing to remember is that you need to know how to choose the right size swimsuit.

So you’ll bust is well maintained and your waistline highlighted. The bottom of the bikini would be fitting and hips well-defined. If bathing suit you is great, whether it be a bikini or one piece is obtained ugly wrinkled fabric. If you bathing your less is obtained an ugly cut the fabric in the body, so choose the correct size. Let’s talk about the different types of swimwear from which you can choose. If you have a body in the shape of an hourglass you can afford to wear any swimsuit. Choice of model is confined to how much of your body you want to show off bikini and whether you prefer a more open top, a bottom cut, etc. The best uppers of bathing: if you have a small bust or not very gifted, the best top swimsuit for you are triangles: this kind of top does not focus on the chest and combined with bottoms with the same triangular shape will stand perfect and will stress your right proportions and waist. in cases where the bust is big, small ordinary triangular tops do not provide efficient maintenance of the breast. This does not mean that you can not wear swimsuits with triangles. Just look for a model with thicker straps or model to provide you with good support for the bust to feel comfortable. For larger bust is perfect and top with shoulder strap that runs through the door. The best frame parts swimwear woman with body hourglass can draw attention to your feet and using an appropriate swimsuit to make them longer and slender. For this purpose, a great opportunity is bikini with high-cut bottoms. If you select a similar model swimwear that is highly over thighs, visual effect will be very good. Your feet will repay optical and emphasis will fall on them. Basic rules when choosing a swimsuit, swim clothes are like the rest of them and the same rules apply as in the choice of clothing, namely:

Beware of horizontal and vertical lines.

As horizontal stripes on clothes optically expands figure in swimsuits applies the same rule.

If you do not want to look lower and wider, do not wear a swimsuit with horizontal stripes.

Horizontal stripes are suitable for “boyish figure” – a very tall, thin girl.

vertical stripes optically lengthen the figure as in clothes, and bathing.

If you want to achieve focus on a specific part of your body and want to accentuate and optically to expand or elongated, then bet on the stripes. If you do not want to risk, just select another pattern. option one color pants and top with large figures emphasizes the bust and focuses on it. If you want to accentuate your beautiful breasts may bet on a similar version of the swimsuit: If you want to emphasize your waist and thus highlighting the correct proportions choose all one color swimsuit in which the waist is different from the background: or monochromatic swimsuits that have any effect in the area above the waist, the fabric is draped example.

As a rule, the darker, saturated colors optically narrow and lengthen the figure. Lighter colors opposite.

If you have a fuller figure type hourglass will have a little more careful when choosing a swimsuit.

Ideal is top-ties: a swimsuit similar model will focus on the upper body. Such top draws attention to the shoulders and neck and elongate optical figure. Yet it draws attention to the hips and waist. If you add and appropriate pants with low waist effect will be very good. Here’s a model for women with larger bust: swim type a strap around his neck. If you do not emphasize the bust and visually to shrink the this model is ideal. The combination of pants with the same effects tie this kind of swimwear will highlight the shape of your body and look great on the beach.

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