Best Waterproof Clocks for Bathroom

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TFA 60.3502 Radio-controlled high-precision wireless bathroom clock with 4 large suction cups

  • Waterproof and wireless bathroom clock
  • DCF-77 radio signal:high precision
  • to be fixed to the wall thanks to the 4 suction cups or to the hook, or simply to pose
  • Material:silver plastic and glass
  • Diameter:165 mm – Depth: approx.50 mm

Philips AE2330 Waterproof Bathroom Radio with Built-in Clock and Adjustable Timer, White

  • Philips
  • Electronic appliances
  • German, French, English, Spanish

Radio-controlled waterproof clock

  • Radio-controlled wall clock, waterproof IPX7
  • Ideal for a terrace, balcony, garden, garage or bathroom
  • Protection against splashing, waterproof case with silicone seal, ø 31cm and thickness 6cm
  • Very precise time, radio-controlled clock
  • High quality quartz movement

Efergy Showertime Coach and Shower Timer

  • The display shows your current water consumption
  • An alarm sounds when you reach your target consumption level
  • Simple installation with cord or suction cup
  • watertight
  • LCD Clock

Bresser MyTime Bath bathroom analogue wall clock White

  • Quartz movement/Brushed aluminum frame
  • Hanging device/Digital display of room temperature
  • Continuously moving second display needle/Stand incl.
  • 4 integrated centouses
  • Dimensions:170x170x60mm

Shower Proof Aluminum – Radio-controlled + Temperature

  • In the shower, at the right time!The clocks placed in the humid rooms of the house suffer daily.They capture moisture …
  • The Shower Proof is well-named:it is moisture resistant and can even be installed in a shower cubicle.Its housing …
  • Radio-controlled *, the clock adjusts the time automatically.Moreover, it also indicates the ambient temperature of the room thanks to its screen …
  • In addition, its 4 powerful suction cups allow to fix it on a smooth surface: glass, tiling … You can thus move it to your liking ….
  • Features:- ABS and aluminum housing – Dimensions: Ø16.8 x 5.2 cm – Power supply:1 AA battery (not supplied) – CE, RoHS and CE certified

Waterproof shower cubicle Clock, LCD screen, Digital K š ¹ Chen Wall Clock suction cup, Big desktop clock table

  • Dolphin fashion
  • Cooked

Shower Trophy Waterproof LCD Digital Bathroom Clock, Kitchen Waterproof Suction Cup With Temperature Display and Calendar (Aluminum)

  • Waterproof LCD Bathroom Shower Clock Poster Time Time Date and Temperature with 4 Suction Cups Atomic Clock, Hanging Hole and …

ungfu Cool 1 pc of Glass Tile Bathroom Wall Clock Mirror Waterproof Window with Suction Cup

  • Material:ABS and rubber
  • Diameter:about 7 cm/7 cm
  • Color:Orange, Blue, Green
  • Battery:Not included
  • Content:
    1 x Waterproof Clock
    1 x instructions

KING DO WAY Waterproof Clock with Suction Cup for Shower Room Shower Waterproof Shower Clock Blue 7cm

  • Package included:1 X Waterproof Clock with Suction Cup for Bathroom Kitchen
  • Material: ABS and Rubber, Diameter:7cm, Power supply: 1 pcs AAA battery (not included)
  • This small cute clock can also be act as a decor to the environment.
  • This clock can be attached to the smooth smooth surface like bathroom wall, mirror, glass, metal very easily and stably …
  • With this waterproof clock you can watch the time in the bathroom or a very good kitchen during your time presses the …

How to choose your waterproof bathroom clock?

We usually take too much time in our bathroom.It is even the main cause of our delay in the office or school in the morning.This is why it is almost essential to hang a clock in your bathroom.Since this room is permanently wet, use a waterproof clock, the only one capable of resisting it.But choosing it is not an easy task.Here are the criteria for a good waterproof clock for your bathroom.

A clock with a good protection index

The degree of protection depends on the use of the certified equipment.An IP 11 electronic device is protected against drops of water.The first figure corresponds in fact to the impermeability to the solid elements while the second corresponds to its resistance to the liquid elements.The maximum index is IP 69 which guarantees protection against dust and immersion in water up to 1m deep.It is not necessary to get there for a bathroom clock.But to be watertight enough, take a model with a level 3 waterproof rating. The water splashes in your bathroom will not be able to overcome your clock.For those who absolutely want to install their clock in their shower cubicle, increase this index up to an IP 66, for the most violent projections.

A suction cup clock, not always the right idea

A suction cup mount is very handy when you do not want to make holes in your walls.A slight pressure is enough for the object to snap.Nevertheless, the biggest enemy of the suction cup remains moisture, which can cause your clock to fall at any time if you hang it in the bathroom.Make the effort to create a stable support so that the clock remains in place in any circumstance.But if you insist with the suction cup, take a clock with at least two or three cups.

Digital display, so you do not get the wrong time

Like any clock, the bathroom model is available in either a conventional display or a digital display.If the analog version is more classy, ​​the digital version can be more effective, especially for children who always have fun when playing with water.With the fog, you may also have a little trouble reading the time.The preference therefore goes towards the digital display, which is more practical.There are also models with additional information such as date or temperature.

Other options may also be useful, such as the alarm feature to recall your appointment.From a simple beep to a ringtone, it will ultimately be a matter of taste.As for the design, it is always more pleasant to opt for a style that suits your bathroom.But the most important is obviously this waterproofing that ensures that your clock will operate in this environment a little hostile to any electronic equipment.