Carrera Sunglasses Trends

If show up so slow the first rays of Sun and warm temperatures spread whim outside romp in nature, the face is crying out for his important accessory: the sunglasses. Carrera is exactly the right person to his face with special glasses to give his face a special aura. So, the new collection in a breathtaking and especially tantalizing light presents itself.

Because everybody wants more eyes
The new model crying out for spring and the desired rays of the Sun. Like champion / rubber used for the Carrera, if behind a more confident and shining out courage man see should be. The bright colors, combined with a matte frame, know to convince every sports fan by itself. The Carrera 5001 is for everyone, which demands much extravagance, because the mirrored glasses, the colorful and metallic optics fascinate, make each face a trend-setter.

It all depends on the shape
With rectangular sunglasses, reflecting the colours of nature, convinced the model Carrera 5003. Who but rather prefers a light frame and interchangeable lenses are a must for the, for the Carrera 80 is recommended. The retro look is also impossible to imagine and a must for the early start of summer, with the glasses Carrera 5004 the face is perfectly set in scene.

As colourful as the summer
The first rays of the Sun can be accept colorful and varied with the Carrera 5005. In fresh colours and a frame that is square cut, the anticipation of the summer is great again. Then click it and also enough space for a mysterious appearance remains pure in the rays of the Sun and the mirror coating. Timeless, even the Carrera 6000, which is modeled after a model from the year 1990 and for that not always the Sun must seem, it acts is always perfect.

In the video, everyone would like to even the glasses
Light, loose and perfect sitting on the nose, thus the models Carrera 6002 and 6000/L, present as best sunglasses ranked by With its casual-looking appearance, they are an eye catching to anyone and are available in different colors. The sunglasses are no longer only an accessory. everyone respects the right look with her. No matter which model the carrier chooses, one thing is certain, as it is demonstrated in the video. The carrier appears to be dynamic, young and radiates a lot of adventure and elegance. A special pair of glasses that speaks volumes and enchanted by her appearance.