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We Will Give You Satch by Ergobag to Children’s Day!

It’s happening again! Children’s day is coming and the small and large children get sparkling eyes, when you think back on your great gifts of in recent years. A cool accessory for the bigger ones and lots of sweets are plush animals and colorful items for children, probably on the order of the day. Dear parents, you think now already at the school. A practical rucksack or a cool backpack are the ideal gift for children’s day – and still very useful! Continue reading We Will Give You Satch by Ergobag to Children’s Day!

The Handbag Therapist: “Like a Piece of Home”

Rosanna Pierantognetti has a special talent:she can close the contents of a bag to the owner’s personality. has met the “handbag therapist” for the interview.
Mrs Pierantognetti, you have already looked into hundreds of pockets. Is there anything that – apart from wallet, key and mobile phone – really has every woman in her handbag? Continue reading The Handbag Therapist: “Like a Piece of Home”

Wayuu Colombian Bags

They are from Colombia, but was in Ibiza, Mykonos and Saint Tropez which gained the status of it bags. Stripped and colorful, the bags have become darlings of the Wayuu Colombian Eric Dane OK 25 now and were real fever in January in Brazil.

While on Earth Christmas bags bag format are sold for about $40, are disappearing from the shops at prices no comrades. Domestic brands have already made your version, and the Pats come to cost up to 700 R$. On the

Continue reading Wayuu Colombian Bags

Interview with Claudia Casual

A diaper bag is in large part about functional aspects. All important utensils should have plenty of space, a freezer for the bottle and a baby changing mat be included. The brand casual combines these and many more functionalities with chic and timeless design of the bag. In addition to this great accessory for mums, there are even lots of enchanting bags, backpacks and travel bags for the little ones. Claudia, founder and Managing Director of the label let us look behind the scenes and told about the branding, social responsibility and sustainability in our interview with casual. Continue reading Interview with Claudia Casual

The Correct Suitcase – Hard Shell Vs. Soft Shell + Sweepstakes

Who is just going to plan your next holiday, the question arises after the right luggage. Which case is best suited to your needs? While the choice between a hard case and a soft carrying case is much more than just a matter of personal taste. Both types of cases differ in many aspects such as stability, weight, longevity and flexibility. Different pros and cons by selecting the type of case may arise depending on the type of trip. Continue reading The Correct Suitcase – Hard Shell Vs. Soft Shell + Sweepstakes