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Ask Manolo: How Far Should the Belt Be?

A question about the belts.How long do flärpen go, after closure? Then I was eager to have a canvas belt this summer I took the opportunity to buy a cheap at H & m. Cheap belts have a tendency to not include any adjustment without simply follow standard measurements. Even worse with mention fabric belts when they are in “one size” only. And that little man, it’s not so fun to wrap your belt one and a half times around the body. Therefore, I wonder how long will flärpen last? And how do I get the belt to look good if I cut it off? That metal thing that sits in the end lost because… Continue reading Ask Manolo: How Far Should the Belt Be?

3 Types of Belts That Every Man Should Have

When you are choosing your outfit to go out at night, whether with friends or on a romantic date, you meticulously select the pants, shirt and shoes to look their best; but do you ever post to reflect on your belt? A belt is not only used to maintain your tight pants, but that they have the ability to boost your personality and add a touch of charm. Continue reading 3 Types of Belts That Every Man Should Have

Trend 2016: Against the Cold Metal

More metal, more Gold and silver in the clothing, footwear and Accessories: is what’s next for autumn and winter 2014-2015. The trend that began to hit strong last season becomes, nearly, an obligation for the cold coming in the northern hemisphere.

Gold for the day, silver for the night are the recommendations for the season. And the copper for any occasion.

Large firms such as Proenza Schouler and Altuzarra are played by the brightness in their proposals. However, the Paris House Lanvin raises the main title of this trend. Your clothes, in Blue, rose, Green, are all distinctive and lively reflection of metals.

Perhaps what’s most striking are the shoes designed by Lanvin: his style ranges from classic to alternative, and metallic bronze, black shades, colours blue and Fuchsia trap looks immediately. And they demand a careful selection of dresses.

The firm Primark, meanwhile, seeks to give effect mirror or reflective designs, through fully metallic jackets or dresses with metallic jacquard straight cut.

Their Sandals and loafers used both reflective metallic silver as the Golden, for higher brightness of the feet.

Away from the catwalks, but on the red carpet, Keira Knightley – one of the actresses that make trend – is one of the more metallic heel defenders enthusiasts. Knightley was consecrated a few models mary jane silver of 12 cm, signed by Prada. In some meetings he appeared with other Golden and silvery, with slight variations of style but always sparkling.

The good thing about this trend is that he fits the taste of each one. The most daring can dare to wear shoes or other fully-metallic accessories, those that leave no one indifferent. The most classic will know just a touch of gold or silver bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses, shoes, handbag or even a small purse.

Continue reading Trend 2016: Against the Cold Metal