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The Secret Truths: Novel Bra Strappy Bra

Learn all about the bra strips used by actresses Grazi Massafera and Agatha Moreira in the novel Secret Truths!

Grazi Massafera

Let’s start talking about Grazi Massafera. In the novel Secret Truths, the beautiful actress is playing for Larissa, a model who became dependent on chemistry. Grazi has received praise in the media and from viewers for your performance (actually she’s overcoming in the interpretation of the paper!). Continue reading The Secret Truths: Novel Bra Strappy Bra

The Choice of the Play under Makes All the Difference

The year is coming to an end and the days approaching are celebrating and partying. As important as the look to be chosen to shine on occasion is the lingerie that makes up the production. Nothing worse than panties marking in silk dress or bra taking the fun out of a neckline. A slinky dress, for example, would lose all the charm with panties marking on clothes. In this case, the piece without sewing or double wire butt leaves no marks on the dress. Continue reading The Choice of the Play under Makes All the Difference

Correct Sizing for Bras

According to a new study for two-thirds of women buy and wear bras that are not their measure.The study was commissioned by the firm Triumph underwear. The entire study is published in the newspaper “Huffington Post”.

Participation in the study took 10,000 women worldwide. As 29 percent of respondents admitted that buying bras knowing they will not be in action. Justification in such a case is that the color or pattern of many items they like.

Interestingly, 73 percent of female respondents also said that underwear that does not fit them could ruin their whole day because they will be extremely uncomfortable, but you buy it.

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The Risks Of Not Using Bra

The bra has its function but also a garment lingerie that protects us from starring in sultry moments like the vivid by the following famous.

If the transparent bra has little of glamorous, a top, a dress or a shirt to delate the absence of it is worse. With the arrival of good weather, there are celebrities that aware that your bust does not need fixing, they dare to get rid of the bra.

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