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Sunglasses: How to Select, Care

The sunglasses have been far more than a matter of necessity. Formerly, it was used to be beautiful and acquire status. Nowadays, with the Sun getting stronger and UVA/UVB penetrating deeper and deeper in the atmospheric layer, leaving the House in the afternoon without one of these is affect the own health. That’s because the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the Sun’s rays, accumulate over the years, which cause several disorders in the eyes, especially for people with lighter eyes. Is common among those who do not have the habit of wearing sunglasses claim of irritation, pain, decreased perception of some details and even more serious problems like cataracts and also the possible formation of cancer. Continue reading Sunglasses: How to Select, Care

Sunglasses on Sale in the Free Market

For all consumers looking for sunglasses for great prices, make sure you know the great opportunities we can find on the official website of the free market, well known site for marketing various products for great prices and forms of payments that are a attractive for consumers of the whole Brazil, buying their products without leaving their homes, check out our full story for more information about the promotions of sunglasses of the free market. Continue reading Sunglasses on Sale in the Free Market

Owl Optics-Eyewear From The Capital

As a spectacle wearer, I was able to learn early on that a pair of glasses is more than just a visual aid. It is characteristic and has a direct effect on our appearance. Just an accessory which we can use for our style. This has also OWL Optics Berlin recognized which have five different, purist models on offer, which can be both part of one’s identity as can be selected to suit mood or occasion.Let’s take a look at OWL Optics and its current models. Continue reading Owl Optics-Eyewear From The Capital

Lookbooks Roundup #2-Glasses 2014

In the Lookbooks Roundup #1-Summer 2014, I had presented to you a selection of lookbooks, which I personally liked and where I think that one or the other trend could be with it. Today’s roundup is dedicated to the subject of eyeglasses, and I have also tried to make a selection to present you current trends and collections from the field of eyeglasses/sunglasses. Continue reading Lookbooks Roundup #2-Glasses 2014

Ray-Ban Has Customization Platform Of Glasses Online

Exclusivity and customization are two words that every day gain more prominence, after all everyone wants to have something unique and whose design has been hand-picked. Maybe you still can’t have a shoe or a jacket with your signature, at least not for an affordable price, but believe me, it is possible to have sunglasses Ray-Ban with various features selected by you without even having to leave the House! Continue reading Ray-Ban Has Customization Platform Of Glasses Online

Christian Dior Eyewear Collection

Today we bring you a taste of the eyewear collection by Christian Dior for next spring summer 2011, the Safilo Group, licensee of the French fashion house offers us an overview of the new models for the coming season. Christian Dior manages to put a bit of magic in everything that is, in addition to dream dresses, wonderful bags and super chic shoes presents the sunglasses, but also out of sight, which are among the most popular in the world fashion. Continue reading Christian Dior Eyewear Collection

Clothing Accessories for Men: 2015-2016

As in every season, men have had their chance to catch up on the trends that will be next season thanks to the fashion weeks. On this occasion, Paris, Milan, London and New York showed the best they have and here’s a summary of trends in men’s accessories for fall and winter 2015-2016 season.


No doubt that glasses help complete a look with exceptional ease. A lot of designers participating in fashion weeks around the world, chose flashy glasses to give a touch of elegance to your looks on the catwalk. Various styles were, although the main can be reduced to two: a metamorphosis of style wayfarer and other goggle aviators .

The style wayfarer has been one of the most recurrent on catwalks in various formats and color models. The aviator style is the one that was more changes: from the shape and color of the lens to the frame.

Both structures counted with different combinations of material and thickness of the frame.

Continue reading Clothing Accessories for Men: 2015-2016