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Leather Jackets for Men

Leather jacket, fashion is back, both male and female, this piece has everything for the new season, so stay tuned. Leather, a raw material that was most used by people in the mid-90’s, leather refers to the charm, sophistication, and is widely used in the cold seasons of the year, and in general the leather jackets for men adopted by specific types of people such as motorcyclists, to give that bad boy air, but also as protection, because with the trips that these people make, the wind is tremendous and the leather is tough and protects. Booters are also very fond of wearing leather pants or a jacket. Continue reading Leather Jackets for Men

Puramania: Autumn/Winter Launch

Calm down guys, I’m not going crazy! kkkk even started the summer and I here talking about winter? That’s right, and I’ll explain. In the industry trendy thing’s a station in front, factories need to advance their claims to that clothes can arrive in stores in the period. Why the production has to be early. The new Puramania collection fall/winter 2016 bringing modern clothes, your pieces are beautiful and full of charm, everything that is fashion trend she brings to you, that marks this gaining much prominence in the fashion world, because only makes exclusive clothes to the current fashion, are quality clothing and comfort in all seasons the Puramania brings news and that the winter season would be no different, as that station asks for a little more sophistication, the collection is full of parts that you will pan out on the 2016 winter. Continue reading Puramania: Autumn/Winter Launch

Style Study – Harringtonjackan

So here in early summer may not feel a jacket that the first thing you want to think about. The range of stylish, lightweight and thin jackets for the warmer part of the year are also not as large as for the fall, winter and early spring for obvious reasons. Today we thought, therefore, present a great and stylish options in the form of Harringtonjackan. It is a classic and timeless model that was an obvious choice for several large style icons. Continue reading Style Study – Harringtonjackan

Men’s Fashion – Pictures, Trends

The 2016 Men’s Fashion brought enough news to make men even better dressed. And today we can see that men’s fashion is very modern, always bringing beautiful clothes and accessories for men, and as the vanity of this public has increased today they do not give up dressing well, and are always updating trends and news. Continue reading Men’s Fashion – Pictures, Trends

British Ones: a Sauvage

This week’s contributions in our series on new and exciting British designers a. Sauvage moves another step closer to the fashion scene That may not be entirely fair to categorize A Sauvage as a fashion brand, as they do not in any way seek to follow fashion cycles or the latest trends. The firm has as well as the previous designers and firms we have explained the basis for the classic and tailored men’s fashions. Continue reading British Ones: a Sauvage

Four Elements Are Broadening the Perspectives

With the four elements–wind, fire, Earth and water–have Swedish Four Elements in nearly ten years delivered clothes to the Swedish and international streetwear-and outerwearmarknaden. Even for those purely stylistic unsaved, those who prefer more dressy outfits, is the evolution of the brand interesting. For as the brand’s designers grow older, becomes also the clothes more mature. Manolo has put the mark under the microscope. Continue reading Four Elements Are Broadening the Perspectives