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Fashion Trend: Maxi Earrings!

Boom day hot chickens! Today is the day to talk about a trend which I love! In today’s post I will talk about the accessories that are making people’s minds this year, or better, making the ears kkkkk. The Maxi Earrings are perfect for those who love to stand out with style and daring. The earrings are going to be all kinds of stuff, from acrylic and even gold. The choice is your. Go on your taste and style and be happy! Continue reading Fashion Trend: Maxi Earrings!

Customizing Your Event

Little Brides Dreamers, I think it’s perfect to invent fashion, detail your event with a differential, leaving your mark, making everything get your face, your style. Enjoy and inspire yourself in the modern options, in the details that will leave your day more beautiful and full of differentials that will enchant your guests, please your Prince, and give a special charm in the photos. Continue reading Customizing Your Event

Happy Birthday, Dearest Pa! & lt 3

Before I tell you a little bit of my weekend, just an explanation of the Kosenamens “PA” – I am a true Queen of the strangest Kosé and nicknames, I miss people, that I particularly like, always nicknames. My sister had many such nicknames, some people got caught in the circle of friends, some of them are exclusively reserved for me. How I came up with the name PA, I can only advise I however strongly suspect that it has to do something with their favorite hairstyle – namely a loose hair knot in the neck -. A PA just – as with a cute Bunny or something! = P Continue reading Happy Birthday, Dearest Pa! & lt 3

Indian – Look Fringe Chains Are the New Summer Trend

Frasen, where the eye reaches.The Fransenlook is currently totally announced.No matter on jackets, bags or shoes.The Pocahontas style look can be combined perfectly with the warm temperatures.However, not only garments are decorated with fringes this summer, but jewelry also makes this trend.In this post I introduce you the funky fringe. Continue reading Indian – Look Fringe Chains Are the New Summer Trend