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How to Combine Leggings with Other Parts

How To Use Pants Leggings-Tips

She is one of the most popular pieces of clothing today, after all, who doesn’t have a leggings in your closet? As it is, there’s not a day that you go out on the street without seeing many people using them the most varied forms, is with sports or looks tidy. You can use these pants of many legal ways and super helpful, both in winter and in summer. Continue reading How to Combine Leggings with Other Parts

Legging Jeans – How to Use?

The traditional mesh leggings will be strong trend of all seasons of 2011 you’re already bald wonder, but the jeggins? A more up-to-date version of the leggings, they have this name because, blend leggings, with our good old denim, jeans. Ultramegapower adjusted to body, strech reveals tooodas body curves. But now in a way much more modern and funky with fashion that only jeans have. Continue reading Legging Jeans – How to Use?

Look for Ballad – Tips What to Wear

It’s never easy to choose what to wear for that weekend ballad, or a super party that appears in the middle of the week, usually at the last minute. Different productions that generally do not offer as many opportunities for montações, because they are more basic and simple to make, the looks of ballad leave many women confused (and spending hours and hours in front of the mirror) about what to wear, just for have wider range of variations of parts, accessories and mixtures, since in these productions the order is even daring to mix, glows, textures and vibrant colors, plus accessories. Continue reading Look for Ballad – Tips What to Wear

How to Wear: Jeans Shirt

Earlier this month, the reader Mariana Castela contacted by Twitter to give an update on the How to Use:Jeans Shirt post. I went to have a look at him and what, he’s already three! I remember that, at the time, the denim shirts were timidly entering the ladies’ closet. Today, they are much more common. After three years, some changes have taken place, including how to use them. Are we going to update our inspirations? Continue reading How to Wear: Jeans Shirt

Rab Presents a 1.125 Grams Light Alpine Complete Outfit

The British Outdoorbekleidungsspezialist Rab has taken the issue of weight look at and at the this year’s OutDoor presented an outfit for alpine spring & summer projects fair, which just brings 1,125 grams (men’s L) or 1,030 grams (ladies UK12). From the ultra light 3-layer Hardshell, warm down insulation, breathable soft shell jacket to the robust UPF 50 + Softshellhose and UPF everything alpinist heart beat faster is high 35 + baselayer! Missing actually only results in even socks and shoes, which Rab itself but not in the range. Continue reading Rab Presents a 1.125 Grams Light Alpine Complete Outfit

Learn How to Use the Legging with Five Looks

The legging, old acquaintance of the academies and who enjoy a comfortable, became style object. Despite being considered a key piece in the wardrobe, can still be treacherous at the time to assemble the look for being too glued to the body and mark the corners. The fashion consultant Camila Macedo tells you how to create five productions to use the pants without being vulgar and paying attention to the latest fashion trends. She also warns: “I always use a blouse longer, covering the hips”. Continue reading Learn How to Use the Legging with Five Looks

How to Use: Clothes (and Make!) for Back to School

February starts and we’re starting to freak out. The classes at college and at college begin, and consequently, the routine of studies, of tests, of works, of presentations, hours on end with the face of books … Phew!Student life is not at all easy, is it?Therefore, I think we deserve a very comfortable clothes to go to study, but with style! Continue reading How to Use: Clothes (and Make!) for Back to School