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How to Use Scarf in Your Hair

Learn how to wear scarves tied in her hair

The scarf is a super versatile accessory that can be used in winter as in summer, according to your texture. Changing the tissue and keeping the same basic look we always have a new production. After much success in the neck and in the bags, now is the time to use them in your hair. See how to increase the visual with them: Continue reading How to Use Scarf in Your Hair

The Look Right: the Dual Buttoning Jacket Chris Pine

In this look, actor Chris Pine, current Captain Kirk of the new franquia Star Trek, when choosing a double buttoning jacket. Not as easy as the traditional version of simple buttoning the suit’s head of men all over the world, showing appropriate when the event requires a bit of pomp, but not enough for the use of a tuxedo. Continue reading The Look Right: the Dual Buttoning Jacket Chris Pine

Different Ways to Wear Scarves

This article is the result of a Sunday afternoon spent at home where I tried different ways to wear a garment that usually really struggle to bring… the scarf. Why, you ask? I do not even know really, I just know that I wear hardly one and that, when it happens, I try not to do it in the usual ways and “normal.” Here I am here, scarves and camera in my hands, I think and click. Let’s see what I’ve done… and I expect many opinions, girls!

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Birth: The Baby Is in the Breech

At birth, is 95% of babies with the head downward in a flexed position and thus facilitate childbirth. Conversely, is the baby with the head upwards, at 2-3% of births and comes with the feet first to the world: this position is referred to as a rump -, foot -, or breech.

The end position
The calving depends very much on the position of the child in the womb of the mother. Usually, the baby takes its ‘final’ position in the 7th month of pregnancy. So, you can see the location of the baby 3. ultrasound examination. Continue reading Birth: The Baby Is in the Breech

Clothing Accessories for Men: 2015-2016

As in every season, men have had their chance to catch up on the trends that will be next season thanks to the fashion weeks. On this occasion, Paris, Milan, London and New York showed the best they have and here’s a summary of trends in men’s accessories for fall and winter 2015-2016 season.


No doubt that glasses help complete a look with exceptional ease. A lot of designers participating in fashion weeks around the world, chose flashy glasses to give a touch of elegance to your looks on the catwalk. Various styles were, although the main can be reduced to two: a metamorphosis of style wayfarer and other goggle aviators .

The style wayfarer has been one of the most recurrent on catwalks in various formats and color models. The aviator style is the one that was more changes: from the shape and color of the lens to the frame.

Both structures counted with different combinations of material and thickness of the frame.

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