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Models of Moccasins Dakota, Modernity and Sophistication

The Dakota is one of the most beloved brands by Brazilians in love with shoes and the new collection of moccasins is simply charming. With a huge variety of colors and textures, the 2015 models of moccasins Dakota won several options for details on this new collection, such as tassels, buckles, eyelets and are perfect to create urban fashion looks. Continue reading Models of Moccasins Dakota, Modernity and Sophistication

Summer Shoe Trends

For the next summer season, trends presented bring a wide variety of styles. For fashion female footwear, Sandal boots, flats, clogs, sandals, sneakers and pumps appear in different shapes, colors and sizes. Elements such as metal studs, fringe, flowers, ribbons, as well as much glitz and glamour–through the glitters and spangle-, will be very present in the footwear, you have your most made in leather and ecological material, affirming the importance of sustainability in the lines of clothing. Continue reading Summer Shoe Trends

Gladiator Sandal Summer

Gladiators Sandals-2014 Summer Trend

An indispensable footwear for women in summer is certainly the sandal, because it combines with the freshness of the station and still leaves the looks more charming. There are several models, both with high heels as flats. Next summer, the sandal that will do the feet of fashionistas is the Gladiator, with several strips on the feet and up the legs. Check out: Continue reading Gladiator Sandal Summer

Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Collection of Shoes at Nordstrom!

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon, that nobody can deny. No matter, she will always be our Carrie Bradshaw -why else would she do other movies or serials, the soul will always be this character so awesome of Sex and The City. I say this because even when launching your shoe collection at Nordstrom in Los Angeles, named with the initials of your name, the SJP Collection has more of Carrie Bradshaw than Sarah Jessica Parker. Continue reading Sarah Jessica Parker Launches Collection of Shoes at Nordstrom!

Learn How to Use the Legging with Five Looks

The legging, old acquaintance of the academies and who enjoy a comfortable, became style object. Despite being considered a key piece in the wardrobe, can still be treacherous at the time to assemble the look for being too glued to the body and mark the corners. The fashion consultant Camila Macedo tells you how to create five productions to use the pants without being vulgar and paying attention to the latest fashion trends. She also warns: “I always use a blouse longer, covering the hips”. Continue reading Learn How to Use the Legging with Five Looks

The Influence of the’Space race’ in the Fashion World

The theme “space” became popular in the 1960, motivated by the arrival of man in space in 1961, and on the Moon in 1969. On tv, the theme also became more popular with the serials of the era, such as Star Trek and the animation of the Hanna-BarberaStudios, The Jetsons. This space race, revolutionized not only technological medium, but also the world of fashion. Continue reading The Influence of the’Space race’ in the Fashion World

It Is so Easy to Find the Perfect Boot

1. Short legs: boots & overknees

Many women believe that short legs should be better suited to ankle boots, so as to allow as much as possible to look at the leg and not visually crush.  The exact opposite is the case. Boots with a high shaft and overknees do not stretch the silhouette optically-ankle boots. As a result, the legs do not only have a slimmer feel, but they also cheat automatically a few centimeters of body size. By the way: Since Overkneeboots and Co. are just in the trend, they are currently found with nearly every shaft width. There should be something for each figurine type. Continue reading It Is so Easy to Find the Perfect Boot

High Heels Secret of Christian Louboutins

Christian Louboutin white to the secret of high heels.

The shoe designer, who is known for the distinctive red soles, by which he makes his shoes, believes that men and women go to the shoe issue in different ways. He claimed women would use especially Stilettos and co., to seduce men, in conversation with the ‘Sunday Times’. “Shoes have an element of seduction that simply does not exist for men for women. Continue reading High Heels Secret of Christian Louboutins