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5 X Cable Knit Cashmere

Cashmere sweater is a wardrobe real cornerstones. A garment that for members of the public can easily be mistaken for wool or cotton, but for the wearer can give a feeling that is more or less unprecedented. We believe that the cashmere sweater makes itself best in a cable knitted design, which can be worn over a shirt, as well as directly on your skin. Continue reading 5 X Cable Knit Cashmere

Fluorescent Fashion

We have already admired last year in the catwalks these colors trend and also the next peak season definitely the bright colors.

Very appealing and creative, the neon colors and pastel are very suitable for the very young but also to women “more mature” who know how to play with humor and imagination in the way to dress and use the accessories.
The coolest trends indicate blue, green, turquoise, yellow ocher, coral red and purple hues as to aim for their clothing, colors very strong personality that require expert combinations and assayed elegantly to avoid falling into excess.

Continue reading Fluorescent Fashion

8 Tips to Treat Your Clothes with Care and Respect

One of the most common issues that arise when I talk to someone about men’s fashion is about the quality and durability of parts of certain brands and stores, but the most striking is the disparity of opinions, with some people saying that the mark X is great and others criticizing the same! A lot of these experiences, whether good or bad, has the biggest variable the way the person uses and cares for your clothes, because most often the organized and zealous has little to complain about, while the sloppy live talking about how unhappy they are with their purchases of clothing. Continue reading 8 Tips to Treat Your Clothes with Care and Respect

Tommy Hilfiger – Clothes, Prices

The Tommy Hilfiger brand is one of the most famous being known worldwide and became the preference of many consumers who appreciate good brands and products of excellent quality. The Tommy Hilfiger offers products for both men and women. For more information about the Tommy Hilfiger clothing prices and where to buy see below. Continue reading Tommy Hilfiger – Clothes, Prices

Fashion Winter Renner

Lojas Renner-Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

The winter of 2013 has just started officially, but the cold weather has arrived for some time, so the Renner store collection for this season is already in the shop windows and also on the streets. This one of the most important fast-fashion brands in the country has brought a collection designed to please all types of consumers. Check out some of the trends in the fall/winter collection: Continue reading Fashion Winter Renner

7 Fashion No-Goes, that Ruin Any Outfit

1. visible bra straps

What woman does not know this: shop you a really nice new top, think about when purchasing as: “I need but the matching bra to do this!”, and then you forget about it. It’s ready, that you would like to wear the new part, it is a how Shed by the eyes. But instead of then hang the garment in your closet, you wear a bra to matching not 100 percent with the top carriers prefer and already the fashion Faupax happened. Excellent flashing Bras look unfortunately never beautiful. Therefore better always play it safe and only then buy a new top, if the matching bra directly with shoppt. Continue reading 7 Fashion No-Goes, that Ruin Any Outfit

How To Use Turtleneck (Or Necks) Male

A unfailing proof that I’m getting old is that I remember when, in the years 70, people called the Turtleneck (or necks, or “turtleneck”) ofTurtleneck! Later, at the very end of the ‘ 80, she would reappear with the name “Turtleneck” a Brazilian adaptation of the name of the French fashion house Cacharel, responsible for introducing this detail in blouses and sweaters. Continue reading How To Use Turtleneck (Or Necks) Male