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Do Not Feed Lingeries that Should “Die”!

February has come and with it comes the feeling that the year is indeed beginning to have a routine. I want to invite you to reflect on what is good to be renewed, maintained or discarded in this routine. We usually do this analysis in our career, in our studies…But when we think of ourselves we forget that it is in the details that we achieve an exquisite result. Continue reading Do Not Feed Lingeries that Should “Die”!

Swimsuit Size

Whichever swimsuit style you choose, the size must be perfectly matched. Discover our tips for choosing your swimsuit size.

Which size of swimsuit to choose?

As for clothing, the size of the swimsuit can be indicated in size 36, 38, 40 and so on, or in S, M, L. Some brands rank their swimwear by cup size (from 85A to ‘to 100H depending on brand):more convenient to know exactly the size that suits you. Continue reading Swimsuit Size

Business Socks-You Have To Pay Attention!

Socks are a topic whose potential is often overlooked in the daily clothing, while these offer so many possibilities a little from the mass. Or to set accents in your own clothing style. But, of course, there are also business stockings to consider some points, so as not to attract any negative attention. These unwritten rules of the right sock selection I have summarized below for you. Continue reading Business Socks-You Have To Pay Attention!