Cherish the Natural Lighting of the House

Large glasses let the light in and integrate the environment into external area

In times of energy saving and economic crisis, projects that take advantage of natural resources are increasingly valued. Every day, dozens of options are designed to use the least amount of energy possible, as well as harm the environment, overuse can result in higher bills. So, we consult with architects in search of good solutions and found large glass may be the best option.
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In the living room designed by the architect Emmília Cardoso in partnership with Vera Barros, the bet was the use of a sliding glass door wide, centered on the main entrance. The architect used sliding glass Windows that follow the trend of the door, which brought to the environment greater integration with the dining room and outdoor area, giving a sensation of amplitude.
According to Emmília, the only interference necessary in addition to the external lighting were installed leds punctually in unique locations on the ceiling, with the purpose of highlighting objects and furniture decoration, like the coffee table and bookcase, exclusive design by architect.
To gain privacy and spread the light, when necessary, were chosen fabric curtains, which let a little light without being transparent. The clear and neutral colours furniture help you compose an environment more clearly.
Enlightened kitchen
The kitchen remodeled by architect Sylvia Ferraro won, in addition to the expanded window, a glass door, taking advantage of the light and the beautiful view of the external area. With a view like this, it doesn’t feel like the House is located within the town. The peaceful atmosphere is completed with imbuia wood furnishings, granite sink and tropical blossoms in the center of the lacquer table with glass top.
In search of solutions to enhance the natural light in the design of a restaurant, the entrepreneur Matheus, owner of Primovidros Sen, designed doors and large Windows that take up an entire wall. The environment, which has low lighting and dark furniture, won with external lighting vitality. The landscape outside, composed by trees and a swimming pool, also becomes inviting and is attractive for those who are sitting inside.
To illuminate the large living room, however narrow and low height, the solution found by Senanayake was also a large sliding glass door. Joining the garden, earth-toned furniture give country-house air to the environment.
The gazebo of the House didn’t need anything else to be complete, but the glass wall designed by Sen gives you privacy and more options for the resident, you can choose to keep the window open or closed, according to the need.