Chinese Entry Level Smartphone with Macoox EX1, an Exaggerated 9000 mAh battery

It is true that this year the new smartphones have done a miracle regarding autonomy, in many cases worse than 2014 that replaced and it is also true that in hindsight the autonomy is never enough and that there will always be someone for whom a smartphone dies too soon. Now, however, the “final” solution seems to be coming with the new EX1 produced by Chinese Macoox.

Yes, because the special feature of this device is the huge battery, capable of holding the beauty of 9000 mAh and able to give four to five days of operation with a single charge.

In fact some of the credit is also a rather modest spec sheet: there is talk of a quad-core processor of unknown provenance, a single GB RAM, 8 GB of storage and a just 4.5 “, resolution unknown. Cameras are from 8 and 2 MP.

Of course a battery cannot be rhyme with thickness reduced; Indeed, quite the opposite. Macoox has not disclosed precise details, but judging from the photos it seems easy to imagine to superimpose two smartphones last generation classics.

The price of Macoox EX1 was not revealed, although we doubt that many in our country do interest-at that point I might as well bring a powerbank. But it is a curious device and perhaps the first in the world to have a battery so capacious.