Clothing Accessories for Men: 2015-2016

As in every season, men have had their chance to catch up on the trends that will be next season thanks to the fashion weeks. On this occasion, Paris, Milan, London and New York showed the best they have and here’s a summary of trends in men’s accessories for fall and winter 2015-2016 season.


No doubt that glasses help complete a look with exceptional ease. A lot of designers participating in fashion weeks around the world, chose flashy glasses to give a touch of elegance to your looks on the catwalk. Various styles were, although the main can be reduced to two: a metamorphosis of style wayfarer and other goggle aviators .

The style wayfarer has been one of the most recurrent on catwalks in various formats and color models. The aviator style is the one that was more changes: from the shape and color of the lens to the frame.

Both structures counted with different combinations of material and thickness of the frame.

Although the proportions and forms remained within normal limits , with what was played a little with the material they were made. In general the most chosen was the hawksbill in countless colors that ranged from classic amber, which is associated with the material, to shades of gray and gold. Very fancy.

Handkerchiefs and scarves

If scarves and scarves are fashionable in the current season, no doubt will be major players in the autumn and invierno. Para neck was all on the catwalks.

As for scarves, there were woven wool chunky knit like our grandmothers they would both use each other’s arms around his neck to carry loose knee.

They have also seen more innovative scarves, imitating the system of a neck turtleneck but on a larger scale and infinite necks. Just add it to your outfit and go!

On a scale of elegance are somewhat higher handkerchiefs. They were both completely wrapped around the neck and small accents in the breast pocket of traje. Los prints will be the kings of the season combining shades like burgundy and golden yellow, among others.


A pair after another, the boots and shoes took over the catwalks. From elegant derby in glossy black or burgundy leather, to casual sneakers.

As in previous seasons, the Oxford style, with its perforated toe, looks set to continue strong, but this time mainly in the form of borcegos, one of the most chosen by designers for the upcoming winter season and in a wide variety of combinations of both materials and colors.

Another detail that could be observed in the various parades was the introduction of casual shoes with a wide sole and rubber striking. Toothed rubber soles, the lumberjack style, were among the most views.

Derbys and ankle boots were the favorite on the runways. Although we could see some embroidered tone, the preferred excellence remains the negro. La crocodile leather and patent leather they accompanied the classic hard glossy leather.


The bag was definitely the accessory that most designers chose to complete their parades; had a major role in the different editions of the fashion week for fall and winter 2013- 2014.Uno of the most chosen was the doctor bags style, in leather and with different shades.

Another recurring model portfolio was the envelope or bag to carry under his arm.

But this year there was a lot more models, such as backpacks and handbags.

As with the other accessories, bags also contain a host of meticulous detail, from leather worked in woven leather trim even in different textures and shades, without forgetting whimsical details longhaired leather belts.



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