Customizing Your Event

Little Brides Dreamers, I think it’s perfect to invent fashion, detail your event with a differential, leaving your mark, making everything get your face, your style. Enjoy and inspire yourself in the modern options, in the details that will leave your day more beautiful and full of differentials that will enchant your guests, please your Prince, and give a special charm in the photos.

Shoes: are fun and there are various models of different phrases to use, such as the “I Do”, The wedding date, “Happily ever after”. The bride and groom, they like to use the O.R. S, “Now go”, “I love this woman.” Each person chooses their style, and customize!

Cufflinks for the grooms: just gorgeous! Especially the ones that have to do with the groom’s profession.

Hobby or Robe of the bride: can be customized with the name of the bride or with the respective posts as “bride”, “godmother” is beautiful and still yields beautiful photos and filming.

Groom’s lapel: Don’t forget what differentiates the groom and godparents from the other guests. Today you use several options, various shapes of lapel, different types of flowers and even other things like buttons or an accessory that combines with the groom, such as a guitar for a instrumentalist.

Even if their godmothers are not identical, there are several ways to customize them according to the wedding. There are those who combine the models of dresses and colors, only the model with rainbow colors, only colors with different models, colorful shoes or the same color of the bride, with bouquets, or even using only one item in common.

The customization can be made also during the bride’s day, which can be together with the bridesmaids, for a perfect day between girlfriends, perfect situation to present them with an item that would like them to wear at the wedding. The godfathers most often dress alike, but there are customizations that make them more fun and with that grace all that the groom loves. Like colorful socks, fun cufflinks or T-shirts underneath customized social with heroes, phrases, drawings, etc.

Something at this party has to show that it’s your wedding.

It can be at the top of the cake that indicates your way and hobbies, dance floor with their names, coat or caricature, car board with names and dates, grooms chairs with fluffy phrases, bride hanger with names, dates or phrases, silk tissues or personalized paper with messages For mother, father, grandmother, extremely important people in your life, or a dance of the couple to present to the guests.

I thought it was great the idea of leaving chairs for people to talk to the grooms.

Nowadays, there are several ways to play the bouquet. In addition to the traditional, you can lock it to 7 keys, cut the tapes or so blindfolded choose who will take this! You can also combine more than one style of these and make everything very entertaining. Not to mention that we now have several options, styles and colours for the bouquet. What’s your favourite? It has bouquet of brooches, pearls, varied and colorful, traditional flowers, mixed flowers with brooches, buttons, and paper, gorgeous for those who want a wedding out of the traditional!

This diversity of options, not only give a super animated guest but can also save you a good time in the poses for photography. In modern attractions you do not miss the photo of guests because they now have frames, photo booth and other methods of the guests take their photos and mark attendance at the wedding. The Instax Mini For example, is a camera that reveals the photo at the same time, allowing your guests to take home part of the wedding feast or leave a photo with votes for the grooms in the scrapbook. Just the best! An amazing tool for no one to stop taking pictures in the wedding is to create the “corner of photos”, a space decorated with all the props for the guests going to take pictures, it’s like the photo booth, but the space is open and the camera is all the time facing the CL scenario Atteries without stopping, this generates incredible images with the guests and lots of fun too.

Another form of fun are customary tattoos with images all to do with marriage, romantic phrases or a “I went” for guests to remember their day for a little more time.

Now just pick out everything you want at your wedding and put your hand in the dough! What is your preferred customization form? These items are just details, there’s no harm not wanting them or not having them in the wedding, but for those who like the minimum details, they make all the difference!