Cyanogen Themes, The New Community and Shop for Themes for Cyanogen OS

It was once the most famous custom ROM on the Android scene, and today Cyanogenmod is almost a complete fork of the operating system Mobile Google, especially since the conversion Team Cyanogen Cyanogen Inc company.

Little by little we have been seeing updates and upgrades, in fact the own Cyanogen Inc. has been commissioned to announce his farewell from KitKat to launch the first nightly CM12 based Android 5.0 on December 1.

Today it presents a step further in personalization, something in which has always highlighted Cyanogenmod, and is that the new community and shop Cyanogen Themes It will allow developers and users share ideas and topics directly.

Cyanogen Themes will replace the current ROM-issues platform, although its functionality is almost identical, allowing install complete themes with touch of a button and facilitating the task of sharing their creations both designers and developers, as also the customization of the device users.

Cyanogen Themes comes designed for Cyanogen OS, full version with unique features from Cyanogen. However, yes you can install on all devices supported by Cyanogen, although without ensuring their full functionality.

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