Dad’s Jeans

Yes, looks like the girls boyfriends got tired of loaning their pants for us. The solution now is to “attack” the closet of dad! And borrows that good old dad’s pants. Don’t understand anything? I explain. New sensation of the moment and boyfriend jeans substitute on the catwalks, the Dad’s jeans promise to make great success this winter and the next few seasons according to

Already widely used by leading it girls and celebritries there in gringa (as Kate Holmes who prefer use your, accompanied by vintage/romantic parts, such as the polka-dot scarf around his neck, cardigans and ballet shoes, leaving the modern twist on the pants), dad’s a calca less l Arga, which has a higher hook. Similar to boyfriend, she has large and comfortable shape and is almost always accompanied by short and bent bars.

With more relaxed air and gone astray, are perfect to accompany parts and accessories, such as tops, jackets, handbags and stylish shoes, which may be models with high heels, as a heel, stockings and foot platforms, charming sneakers or even the moderninhos oxfords, which also complement very well the irreverent dad’s pants.

Innovative, they come with distinctive ring in washes, they may present since details located oil and stains of paint, there are localized damage, whiskers, cryptic colors, 3D, threadbare, torn and cerzidos. The look even more youthful-looking.

But care should be taken in time to use the pants trend. The more short ones, for example, can, Yes, use the turn-ups, you only need to pay more attention to the rest of the look. He must be monochromatic, for thus the turn-ups doesn’t steal a few centimeters of height, which can flatten the silhouette. Balance the look with a nice jump is also a great tip, so you don’t run the risk of getting with your legs too short.