Do Not Feed Lingeries that Should “Die”!

February has come and with it comes the feeling that the year is indeed beginning to have a routine. I want to invite you to reflect on what is good to be renewed, maintained or discarded in this routine. We usually do this analysis in our career, in our studies…But when we think of ourselves we forget that it is in the details that we achieve an exquisite result.

Have you ever thought how much investing in you might be simpler than you think? Often time and money prevent us from doing what we consider important to feel good and raise our self-esteem, we want to go to a spa, take a cruise…But no, I have good news for you. You can invest in yourself with simple attitudes and one of them has to do with Romantic Lingerie.

Open your lingerie drawer and think about what you see, do they show how much you invest in yourself to enhance your body and raise your self-esteem? If your answer is no, I want to propose a challenge:

Discard old or ugly panties and bras as they are disheartening and deny slackness according to AUTOMOTIVEQNA. Stop thinking these pieces are the most comfortable in the world or keep stories of your intimacy. Release! You deserve to remember the pleasure of wearing new pieces, straight in the body, without holes or balls. New underwear gives an up on self-esteem. Do not be afraid to put those “tired” lingerie in a bag and discard it! If you prefer, prick it well before discarding it.

Invest in you! Invest in the details that will make your routine pleasurable. Plan how you will renovate your underwear drawer and after you do this and redo the exercise of opening the drawer and just see beautiful new pieces, focus on looking at another part of your wardrobe and discard once more what does not work for you feel beautiful and confident.

Do not feed lingerie that should die, just as you decided in this new year not to keep negative people close to you, to make better use of your time… Value your whole person: your emotions, your physique, your professional. Certainly by doing so you will directly and positively affect those around you.