Double: Second Dash Is Outlined Best Concave Line?

The last Paris fashion week left several trends for who loves makeup according to what is on the rise, but one of the news most commented on backstage was the double liner. Now beyond that traditional kitten is stroked low to upper lashes, the look has won more a complement which may be drawn from the lower eyelid or toward the concave. Decide which of these versions is the most charming and vote for your favorite.

Narrow Shaper on concave line takes delicacy when looking

The brand Mugler took to the catwalk a different look, but superdelicado. A liquid eyeliner was used to circumvent the entire top row of eyelashes giving that kitten finish at the outer corner and, as differential, touch the models gained another stroke lean-to up- this time designed from the concave line. The effect is an innovative look that seems to have gained wings and that works perfectly in more detached parties.

Designed with double appears dramatic look

On the catwalk of designer Elie Saab the outlined was shown in a double version more dramatic. With hazy eyes by black shadow, the model won a dash kitten traditional in upper eyelid and then had another line drawn from the lower eyelid-this interval left between them is what makes the look modern and innovative. To get a visual look like it’s going to take a lot more than a good liquid eyeliner or pencil: the ideal is to use any markup to get these right straight without blurring the pigment.

Balance the unusual look natural on the skin and lips

To show that these looks can go down the catwalk and appear in real life, the two brands have balanced the rest of the face looks very natural. The skin of both models appear very light and illuminated while the cheeks win only a small amount of blush. Another turning point for harmony’s look were the lips, which on both occasions were covered with a discreet lipstick nude. The only difference was gloss transparent layer applied by Mugler-detail that brought a touch of wet.