Fall Trunk Show

Next week comes the exciting concept of Valor Tailoring to the capital for the second of three planned Trunk Shows for the fall.Figureheads the figure is stylist and style icon Jessica Johnson, whose role is to help and guide customers in his made-to-measure electoral.

You could earlier this year read about Valor Tailoring here at Manolo when our writer Olof N looked more closely at the company’s concept and business plan.

Now, Jack and his colleague Michael Jacobs for the first time to Sweden for three regular Trunk Shows. We participated in the first, which took place in late september and had a closer look at the process and ordered a made-to-measure suit that will hopefully reviewed here at Manolo early next year.

It is based as usual on a first meeting where you as a customer receive a consultation and all their measurements taken by competent staff with considerable experience of size sewn in General and their specific product in particular. During the consultation discussed what kind of choice you can make, but above all for the overall feeling you’re after. Opportunities in the form of strikes, pockets, shoulders and the models are almost as large as tygvalet and that is why it is very important to get a clear picture of the customer’s preferences so that the end result will be as good as possible.

Here comes Jc’s expertise in the area. With a solid experience in men’s fashion and style as well as a very good personal taste, he can help with suggestions as to which consumer of smaller size sewn van may not be considered. It can be a choice of materials, color combination, or what details to fit especially well together.

All measurements are then stored in a database to which customer accesses through a login on the company’s website. Also, any corrections made when the finished result lands are added into the database so that the customer can log in and order suits, jackets, trousers, coats and shirts.Lead times are very short in context and customers can continuously even get home fabric samples in your mailbox for any future orders.

Price wise, see Valors dimensions sewing service were as follows:

Suits & coats from SEK 6 800

Jackets from 4 700 kr

Pants from 2 100 kr

Shirts from 1 300 SEK.

As I said, this is instegspriser which of course can vary depending on the choice of fabric and design is extremely competitive, but no matter in terms of what it offers. There is the possibility of both ok onstruerat and more machine-sewn parts but also full canvas with large areas sewn by hand.

Valor Tailoring visiting Stockholm for two more Trunk Shows in the fall on nine rooms in Stockholm. Next week, from 26-28 October, and if another month 30 november-2 december.